Show your True Colours with these Korean Hair Colour Trends in 2019

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KAvenyou Beauty Carnival 2019 – Previously we introduced the Korean hair wave trend in 2019, but what about the latest hair colours you see on your favourite idols and on the streets of Seoul? We posed this question to the top stylists from renowned Korean hair salons in Singapore (Hair Plus Korean Salon, LeeKaJa Beauty Salon and Walking On Sunshine).

There’s a lot of nice colours this year. Well for me, warm ash shade will be popular this year, as well as: warm beige, lavender beige, smoky pink, coral beige.

Caely, Senior Director of LeeKaJa Beauty Salon

Smoky pink hair colour

The hair colours that will stand out and be in trend this year are ash brown, wine purple and coral pink.

The secret two-tone hairstyle has been around for a while but it remains fresh because you can choose all sorts of pops of colour to be hidden under a layer of hair. This cheeky hairstyle is a great way for our customers to experiment with different colours while still looking appropriate for the workplace.

Joyce Song, Senior Stylist of Hair Plus Korean Salon (Suntec City branch)

Ash brown hair colour

Wine purple hair colour
(Photo credits: Hair Plus Korean Salon)
Coral pink hair colour
Secret two-tone hairstyle
(Photo credits: Hair Plus Korean Salon)

Catherine (Senior Director at Walking On Sunshine) also touched on the two-tone hair colour trend, while incorporating the hottest hair colours of 2019 at the same time.

In 2018, chocolate brown, kotori beige and ash brown was the trendiest colour. As for 2019, the colours would be living coral and quicksilver which is also known as ‘mushroom blonde’. Living coral, which represents the coexistence of warmth and cold, was included in many cosmetic products.

Similarly, hair colouring does take its step towards two-tone trend as well, with both colours coming as a complement. Living coral is the colour which most women would prefer and it is well-matched with other colours for makeup as well. Mushroom blonde is a colour which mix up of mushroom’s dark ash grey and grey colour with hints of blue shades. This colour is famous in between the majority of younger generation.

Catherine, Senior Director of Walking On Sunshine
Living Coral hair colour
BTS Jimin keeping up with the trend with Pantone colour of 2019

Quicksilver hair colour

In countries like Korea, hair colour trends also tend to vary as the season changes. However, Korean stylist Jayden (of Walking Of Sunshine) has noticed an increasing number of people shifting away from this seasonal hair colour trend.

During S/S season, lively shades of orange is expected to be the preferred colour; and for F/W season, the calming ash and brown shades. However, recently, colouring choices seem to incline towards personal preferences and styles which suits on their image instead of following the seasonal and trend changes. This can as well be referred as the new trend.

Jayden Jang, Stylist of Walking On Sunshine

Ted (Senior Director at LeeKaJa Beauty Salon) agrees that one should not blindly follow a particular hair colour trend, but instead to get the recommendations from the hair stylist, as hairstyles relates closely to a person’s image. Alternatively, you can spice up your hairstyles with some simple styling tips, such as with glitter hair/ tinsel hair extensions, or the trend which made a comeback recently – accessorising with a variety of hair clips at the side of your head.

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Walking On Sunshine
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Singapore 238896
Contact: (+65) 8877 8800

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