[AsNTM3] Episode 7 – The Girl Who Finally Cracks


The rivalry between Monika and Tahlia intensifies as Monika confronted Tahlia about why she was chosen to get time taken off her previous photoshoot and Tahlia admitted that she and the other girls were intimidated by how well Monika was doing.

For this week’s episode, the girls had a pose-off in front of Joey Mead King and Cara G, top model and TV host, while they critiqued the girls’ body movements. Amanda failed to stay serious while Melissa picked up the slack from their duo. KB and Tahlia nailed the pose-off, working collectively, instead of against each other.

The challenge this week was to hula-hoop, pose and not lose rhythm, all at the same time. Melissa gave the most heart and energy and was awarded with a precious phone call home – something the girls haven’t been able to do since the competition started.

Shortly after, Joey popped in the model house and found the house to be in a horrendous mess – flies are buzzing and rubbish is thrown on the ground. Joey forced the all the girls to deep clean the house so they coyld have a clear mind during photoshoots. Top model tip: a clean environment will give you a clear mind.


For the next challenge of episode 7, Jodilly Pendre and Natalie Pickles gave a surprise appearance in only body paint, which was the theme for this week’s shoot. Gani and Tahlia were uneasy about being photographed in only their underwear and body paint and nearly dropped out of the competition. Meanwhile, Monika and Barbara were only given 10 frames for this shoot.

More rivalries surfaced as Gani confronted Monika on her lack of cleanliness. Monika tried to calm her down but Gani got even more infuriated, calling out on her insincere “beauty queen-like” personality.

asntm3 monika
AsNTM3 – EP7 The Girl Who Finally Cracks Photoshoot WINNER – Monika (Philippines)

Monika and Barbara impressed the client and were both named as Subaru’s brand ambassadors. However, the shocking elimination of Melissa brought all the girls to tears – the competition is getting tougher every week as the stakes become clearer to the contestants.

It’s all about hair in the next episode, and the girl who can flaunt it gets immunity from elimination.

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