[AsNTM3] Episode 12 – The Cover Girl

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EP12 - new-house
EP12 – New model house

The top 4 finalists were taken to a brand new model house, surrounded by Harper’s Bazaar magazine covers, and were also surprised with fabulous gifts from Triumph on each of their beds.

The girls went for three castings where they were tested on their versatility as models in the real world, where they had to impress clients at Pois – a high-end boutique store, Braun Buffel – a luxury leather-goods brand and Triumph – the leading lingerie brand in Asia.

EP12 - Girls-before-photoshoot
EP12 – Girls before photoshoot

Georgina Wilson and Kenneth Goh, the Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, stopped by the house to announce that the girls would be shooting for their Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover, as their challenge for this episode. Kenneth then gave each girl a one-on-one critique of their portfolios to-date, and also tips on how to improve on their weaker areas.

EP12 - Aimee
EP12 – Aimee

Windy Aulia, the Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar directed the “fashion through the eras” cover shoot where Barbara was assigned the 50s theme, Aimee the 60s, Monika the 70s and Gani the 80s. Some of the girls struggled to own their brief, while the others shined as The Cover Girl during the shoot.

AsNTM3 - EP12 The Cover Girl Photoshoot (FCO WINNER) - Gani (Indonesia)
AsNTM3 – EP12 The Cover Girl Photoshoot (FCO WINNER) – Gani (Indonesia)

Episode 12’s deliberation is the longest yet with the judges being very critical and analysing each contestants and their body of work throughout the season. They decided which girls were the perfect contenders to be Asia’s Next Top Model – and then there’s only one more week left to find out who will be crowned as Asia’s Next Top Model!

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