BOYFRIEND currently touring America before heading to Europe

BOYFRIEND tours South AmericaOn May, 1st, K-Pop group Boyfriend started their Latin America tour.

They already performed in Brazil and in Argentina, and are currently in Mexico before finishing this tour with Bolivia on May 10th.

This Latin America tour had been highly anticipated by fans, has Starship Entertainment previously said they have received many love calls from South America. And BOYFRIEND members seems to have a lot of fun too. From Brazil, Donghyun tweeted :

“Whenever we tour abroad, even though we really love meeting Bestfriends in every country country, a part of myself misses our Korean fans a lot.
Also, the Brazilian fans we have met for the first time in Latin America, as well as the Bestfriends we are going to meet next, you have waited for a long time, haven’t you? It is nice to meet you all! I will work hard and come back. Thank you for always waiting!”

Among the Bestfriends they are going to meet next, there will also be European fans. Indeed, after finishing their Latin America tour, BOYFRIEND will then reach Europe for 3 concerts:
– Helsinki (Finland) @ Gloria Club on May, 22
– Moscow (Russia) @ Volta Club on May, 23
– Paris (France) @ La machine du Moulin Rouge on May, 24

There are still some tickets left, so it is still time to catch BOYFRIEND on their tour and watch them become a front group of the Hallyu wave worldwide! You can visit Kanzen Music’s website for more information.

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