Beloved Superstar Rilakkuma Makes His Debut on WeChat


Kuala Lumpur – Attention all WeChatters and Rilakkuma fans! The adorable international superstar Rilakkuma has just arrived in WeChat’s Sticker Gallery and is ready to become a part of your WeChat world. Use any of Rilakkuma’s stickers to get a laugh out of your friends and make your chats more fun, happy and loving.

Enjoy the amusing scenes of Rilakkuma playing together with his best friends Korilakkuma, a mysterious white bear cub, and Kiiroitori, a logical yellow chick. The comical stickers showcase Rilakkuma’s relaxed and joyful life, perfect for WeChat users who enjoy sleeping, lying around, watching television, listening to music and soaking in some sun rays.

A total of 24 animated stickers are available for everyone to use, allowing you to choose stickers that best represent any mood that you may be in at the moment. Whether you’re calm and cool like Rilakkuma, mischievous like Korilakkuma or smart like Kiiroitori, these charming stickers are perfect for lifting the mood of any conversation and putting a smile on everyone’s faces! Make sure to download the sticker pack and share all the cuteness with your friends and family!

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