[Paparazzi Corner] Why do average looking guys get the hot girls?

16 February 2015 – Have you ever experienced seeing seemingly average looking guys dating the hot girl that every guy dreams for? On “Paparazzi Corner” this blush Monday, I thought I should help the average guys out there gain some confidence for the new year.

I personally think that it is not always fairytale-like where you get the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, David and Victoria Beckham, Jang Dong-Gun & Ko So-Young or even Yoona and Lee Seung Gi. There are many examples of the not-so-hot guy with the dream girl set-up. I am definitely not saying that the guys that I quoted are ugly by any means, but touch your heart and you have to agree they are far from the hot celebrities that you are so used to seeing.

The hottest one recently has to be Hong Kong celebrity Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), who is also currently cast on the China version of Running Man; Hurry Up, Brother (奔跑吧兄弟). Wong tied the knot with actress Leanne Li (李亞男) with a high profile wedding on Valentine’s Day, with many Hong Kong celebrities gracing the occasion.




An example from the Korean scene that I thought was of some profile last year was comedian Yang Sang Guk and rookie actress Chun Yi Seul. The couple got together in 2013 after meeting each other on matchmaking programme “You are my destiny”, and has been publicly expressing their affection with each other on various other programmes. Although the couple has since broken up in late 2014 reported to be due to their busy schedule, this is still a valid example. Another one that I could think of would probably be HaHa and wife Byul. Unless someone vouches for Haha’s “good looks”, but I honestly thinks he has other charms of his own.




So what’s the winning formula? For the record, I personally think that women tend to be less of a visual “animal” than men. Then comes the crap about men being shallow and needing to know the character for true love to be in place. In defence of the truckloads of shallow men out there, how will you get to know the character of a girl if you cannot even accept the appearance?

If you accept my hypothesis that women are less shallow than men, then the average guy should already gained a tad more confidence. (If you still suffer from inferiority complex despite these examples, go consult a psychologist.) So what next? Without the good looks, your only chance will be to have some other charms to attract the belle. There is not sure win formula, but the commonality amongst all the examples above points to one thing; a slutty mouth and a good sense of humour.

So all the average single and lonely guys to there, be a little more confident about yourself (since not everyone is born with good looks, and cosmetic surgeons are not superheroes). Spend some time to discover your own charms, and hopefully you score yourself a pretty girlfriend next Valentine’s Day. In a closing note, in no way am I saying that all men should go after the hot chicks since beauty is an extremely subjective issue. As long as it is pleasant to your eyes, it really does not matter who you date. 有眼缘就好.

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