[Paparazzi Corner] Signs that you are already riding the Korean wave

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25 July 2016, Singapore – As a professional in the corporate world myself, we are often judged for being closely involved and following the Korean entertainment scene. There is actually nothing too wrong in having a hobby and enjoying all the pretty people and well scripted varieties, and extremely synchronised choreographed performances. In fact, this obsession with the Korean scene is also not too different from people who are obsessed with anime, food or Hello Kitty for that matter.

So what am I talking about on Paparazzi Corner? As much as many of us or many friends or colleagues around you would not want to admit it, they are probably unknowingly part of the wave. Deny as much as they want, and below are some obvious signs they are in this together; so time for you to ditch the serious image and enjoy the entertainment.

Watching “Descendants of the Sun” and going gaga over Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo


Not a surprised right? If you have yet to realise, Korean dramas are part of the Korean wave; and ogling over the hot bodies of the Alpha Team, Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo is exactly the things we K-Pop enthusiasts do. Admiring the beauty of Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won cannot be omitted too.

2 Having a good laugh over Running Man, Infinite Challenge, Return of Superman and many more

photo credit: SBS Running Man
photo credit: SBS Running Man

If you are not aware, laughing at the extremely lame, exaggerated and obviously scripted Korean varieties are what we watch on TV every weekend. What else do you think keeps our eyes glued to the huge TVs?

3 Quietly grooving to the hugely popular K-Pop tunes


It’s not difficult to hear K-pop songs all around you, especially when going shopping. Korean restaurants, Korean skincare boutiques always plays those music videos and music all day long; and I can clearly see you grooving to those tunes while enjoying shopping or food. Music is universal, so who ever said you need to understand the lyrics to appreciate the music?

4 Loves traveling to Korea

Jeju (1)

Can you deny that loving to travel to Korea is not a sign of loving all the great culture and entertainment produced there?

Any of the people you know are closet K-fans? Why not share this with them an encourage them to express their interests freely!!

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