[Paparazzi Corner] 5 "great" ways for your shot at K-Pop stardom

hyunbin yolo
Even Hyun Bin agrees that You Only Live Once

Not difficult to hear the millennials using big words like #YOLO and #DREAMS to justify the often irrational decisions they make at a seemingly younger age. Generation gap also being a common term used as a rebuttal when the older folks try to discourage the young ones for making an irrational decision. So who is right? I definitely do not belong to the “Yes I can become a K-Pop star cause I can dance” generation. However, instead of discouraging you, I rather let you try it out and experience it yourself.

It has been a long time since the last Paparazzi Corner column, and I am going to give you some tips on what we gather are the most “realistic” ways for you to get your shot at K-Pop stardom. Don’t say we never share!

1. Join an audition

kpopstarhunt3 andy su
Winner of Scoot K-Pop Star Hunt 3, Andy Su (Taiwan). Let’s hope he debuts soon!

This is like “duh”, but easier said then done. There used to be international auditions conducted by big agencies from Korea, but we have not seen those since a couple of years back. The other most high profile regional audition will be the “K-Pop Star Hunt” organised by CJ.

sorn clc
Sorn of CLC

This high profile audition, which was made in the form of a TV programme has shown a success story in the form of Sorn from Cube Entertainment group CLC. Also remember SKarf, which boasted 2 Singapore members by Alpha Entertainment? The girls were chosen from Alpha Entertainment’s auditions before being sent to Korea for training and released as part of the group.

2. Be spotted and become a trainee

scape marketplace

Obviously you will ask where to be spotted? Strutting down the streets of Orchard Road might work, but perhaps hanging out and showing your stuff in *SCAPE where the young people hang out may work too?

3. Join a trainee programme (K-Xperience Bootcamp)

k xperience bootcamp

This is totally something new that I have never seen before, but if it appears in the news and some Chinese parent is willing to fork out 2 months worth of salary to help fulfil her daughter’s #DREAM, it has to be useful right?

4. Study Korean language in Korea

kim soo hyun
I promise not to skip school to chase idols & ace my Korean language if my teacher looks like this

This is by far the most common, as it seems like there is a belief that any talent that signs up for a course in Korea (thank you for your contribution to the Korean economy) will get a shot at being a star. Of course joining an audition in Korea and strutting down the Gangnam streets gives you a better chance as compared to hanging out in Orchard Road. Of course having an inspirational story in the papers gives you further encouragement, that as long as you can survive by staying in a “room” for an extended period in Korea you get a chance.

5. Pray


siwon praying
Shisus praying for you
G-Dragon sends you his blessing as well

By far the most pragmatic way in my humble opinion. If you do not believe, scroll up and look at the 4 tips above. If you do not need the additional luck and blessing, I really do not know what is the basis of your confidence to try.

Summarising all these up, I may sound sarcastic but I believe we need some form of self realisation in all the things we do. Why the hell we call it a #DREAM if anyone who believes can achieve it? #YOLO is great, but do set a limit to where it should be terminated or you will only be #YOLO-ing your life away without actually achieving anything. There is really only 3 things in assessing whether you have it to be an idol. You have to either sing, dance or look gorgeous (by birth or through surgery). If you have the added talent of being able to compose then you are close. Good Luck in achieving your #DREAMS!

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