MAMAMOO answers our question following their K-POP.FLEX performance

Mamamoo performing at K-POP.FLEX

Mid-May, MAMAMOO performed at K-POP.FLEX, the megafestival that held its first edition in Frankfurt, Germany.

The group, who debuted in 2014, has an exemplary career that is quite a rare sight among K-Pop idols. They managed to shine as a group with a concept and music genre that are uniquely MAMAMOO. The members also ventured in individual activities, with great success. In 2021, when the dreaded “end of contract” came, Wheein signed with a new agency but didn’t leave MAMAMOO.

The four members still display a tight friendship and upon seeing them on stage, we can feel that performing as a group comes naturally to them. KAvenyou became curious about how they balance their careers and their future projects. Hwasa, Moonbyul, Solar and Wheein answered these questions and a few others in an e-mail interview. Read their answers below!

1/ MAMAMOO is already widely known by our readers, but how would you define your group?

(Solar) As what MAMAMOO showed through their solo albums, as much as each one of us has their own individual charms, I think the synergy especially when we are together as a group on stage is the best. ‘Whenever MAMAMOO is on stage, it is a given that we will produce good performance’, I hope this it what that defines us (laugh).

2/ It’s your first time performing in Europe. Why did you choose to perform at KPOP.FLEX?

(Hwa Sa) I was happy to have a good opportunity to meet German MooMoos. I haven’t seen the fans in a long time, so spending time where we can sing together and make eye contact like this is really precious! The energy of the European MooMoos was so good that I wanted to come back again, and I thought that I would like to personally meet and play with MooMoos not only in Korea but also in more places.

MAMAMOO performing at K-POP.FLEX

3/ Individual activities are a big part of your career, with each of you showing impressive content. How do you balance being in a group and being an individual artist?

(Moon Byul) I think it is well-balanced as what I show as MAMAMOO and what I show as a solo artist is different. How it differs is that for MAMAMOO’s activities, the 4 of us synergize with a concept that harmonizes with each other and when I am doing my individual activities, I focus on showing the image that I want to as an individual, and I think it is essential to keep the balance between both.

(Whee In) I enjoy showing my individual color when I’m having solo activities, however there is the fun and reassurance that I feel when I’m together as MAMAMOO, so I think both are precious and I will not lean towards any side.

4/ In March 2022, you released a documentary called « Where are we now » that looks back to the past 7 years. Looking towards the future, where do you see yourselves in an other 7 years? 

(Solar) I think we will meet with MooMoos frequently and constantly as both MAMAMOO and also as four solo artists in the future. There are various plans in place for MooMoos, so please look forward to it, and I think it will be fun to have a 14th anniversary party together 7 years later. (laugh)

5/ To many people, MAMAMOO means impressive vocals. Do you have any specific routine or process to take care of your throat, especially when travelling by plane like for KPOP.FLEX?

(Solar) The inside of the plane is very dry when we are travelling for long durations like this, so I will consciously try to drink water frequently. I will take breaks before performances in order to avoid overexertion on my vocals.

6/ After achieving so much as you did, what can we still wish you? What are the goals you’d still like to achieve?  

(Whee In) I want to be remembered as an artist who sings, even after a lot of time has passed. I want to do music healthily and happily for a long, long time, and my short-term goal is to return soon to fill up the time that I couldn’t meet with our MooMoos and to make more memories.

7/ To the fans who’ve been with MAMAMOO for almost 8 years now, do you have any message?

(Moon Byul) Thank you so much for being with us for 8 years and thanks to MooMoos, I think I became a person who can learn to love and who can give love. I hope we can spend more happier times together in the future.

KAvenyou would like to thank Name Music, MAMAMOO and their agency RBW and THE L1VE for making this interview possible.

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