Singapore Shiok! MAMAMOO+ Oozes Charisma at [TWO RABBITS CODE] Singapore Fan Concert

MAMAMOO’s first official subunit, MAMAMOO+ was back in Singapore for their first solo fan concert, [TWO RABBITS CODE] on the evening of November 15th. Returning to the same venue where MAMAMOO’s concert was last held earlier this year at the Star Theatre, members Solar and Moonbyul kicked off the show with ‘Chico Malo’, following a mesmerizing traditional fan intro performance.

It was 9 months since the duo last visited Singapore, but they still had fond memories from their previous trip-where Solar was surprised with a tteokbokki cake, and she also revealed the wish she made then was to return to Singapore soon, but she did not expect it to be this year!

MAMAMOO+ was also impressed that MooMoos turned up in full force wearing red, the dress code for Singapore’s concert, but joked that they blended in with their seats, which were also in red.

MooBongs, accompanied with fanchants, were all out in full force for ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Starry Sea’.

“Singapore shiok!”

Recounting memories of Singapore, MAMAMOO+ got their fans to sing “Singapura”, since the members only knew the same lines that they kept singing (throwback to the last Singapore concert!), from the very moment they landed in Singapore.

Continuing with ‘GGBB’, MAMAMOO+ got fans to sing along with them for the chorus, then proceeded to conquer the stage with overflowing charisma for ‘BADA BOOM’.

For the solo stages, the members were decked in the red dress code, with Solar starting off with ‘Adrenaline’ highlighting her powerful vocals, transitioning to ‘Spit It Out’ amidst chants of “Kim Yong Sun” and concluding with ‘HONEY’ and a sexy dance break to end it off.

Moonbyul took to the stage with ‘Ddu Ddu Ddu’, starting off the track sitting on the steps, then proceeding to ‘C.I.T.T’ and driving fans crazy with her body waves for ‘Shutdown’, where Solar joined her on stage for the last part of the song.

MooMoos were invited to join MAMAMOO+ to play together during the “Two Rabbits Card!” segment, from the QR codes that were flashed on the screen for them to download earlier on. The segment was basically a telepathy game with the girls, but with an essence of Singapore injected into the questions.

At the time of the concert, they revealed that they had not gotten a chance to eat chilli crab this time yet, and Solar joked that her breakfast next day shall be chilli crab. She also put forth a ‘request’ to the Singapore government, for Singapore, or specifically chilli crab to be cheaper, after finding out that local fans here don’t indulge in the national dish on a frequent basis.

The random dance challenge delighted the audience as the members danced to viral TikTok songs, as well as a series of trending girl group choreography.

Photo Credits: MAMAMOO X Account

During ‘LLL’, fans held up their banners for the surprise fan project. MAMAMOO+ witnessed the fan project during the song, but they cheekily reenacted the scene and acted surprised, and even took a fan’s banner and flipped to the back side and read out the instructions!

After practising with the fans, MAMAMOO+ performed the full version of ‘Two Rabbits’ (which is still unreleased!) and ‘dangdang’.

The VCR of the duo pitting against each other on who has the best aegyo skills also drew laughter fron MooMoos for their adorable antics.

The girls returned on stage for the encore, starting off with a medley of MAMAMOO’s iconic hits–’DINGGA’, ‘HIP’ and ‘Décalcomanie’, heating up the atmosphere of the venue even more.

And next up, Moonbyul, donning a princess crown, went down to the audience during ‘Promise U’.

“We will continue to work hard and if you guys continue to stay healthy, we will come back again! For MooMoos who are always by our side, we are thankful that you are always by our side.”


The concert concluded successfully with ‘Um Oh Ah Yeh’, with Solar and Moonbyul putting on different headbands gifted by the fans during the song.

Throughout the concert, the members, especially Solar, demonstrated their impressive Singlish skills, such as aiyoh, paiseh lah and shiok. As much as the members wanted their fans to stay healthy while supporting them, we also hope for Solar and Moonbyul (as well as the rest of MAMAMOO) to stay healthy as well while completing their schedules, and until we all meet again in Singapore.

Article: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photography: CK Star Entertainment, Angeline @ KAvenyou

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