[INTERVIEW] KIM SEJEONG Shares Advice to Juniors and Potentially Going Into Trot?

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Known for her music and acting in School 2017 and Business Proposal, KIM SEJEONG embarks on her first-ever concert tour “The 門” – and she’s coming to Singapore’s sunny shores!

Ahead of her concert, we got to spend some time with SEJEONG to learn more about her, read on to find out what advice she has for aspiring idols and many others!

Having met IU, a long-time senior artist that you look up to, what words of support/advice do you have for juniors who look up to you?

I’d want to tell them this: ‘If you persist, the opportunity will surely come. And I know how difficult it is to persist and endure for so long until that opportunity arrives. But if you still have some energy left to endure for a little longer, and the faith in yourself to do so, I really wish that you can wait out just a little more and grab that opportunity once it arrives.’

You’ve gone through many trials and tribulations in life; aside from your fans, what else do you value in your life that keeps you grounded through the glamour of being a celebrity?

I talked about this in ‘Top or Cliff’ as well, as I am someone with a lot of self-doubt, I want to say it’s thanks to ‘myself’ actually. 

‘Did I do enough to be not ashamed of myself?’ (I know you mentioned aside from fans but) ‘Did I work hard enough to stand in front of my fans and not be embarrassed?’ are the standards that I set for myself as I practice. So if I were to pick one ‘thing’ that I value that keeps me grounded, I’d say it is myself.

With the release of DOOR, you went out of your comfort zone with Top or Cliff and many others, what other genres do you want to explore?

I’ve done similar styles, but I’d really want to dig deeper into various Pop genres. Additionally, the kind of songs that people really connect to are my Band songs, so I definitely want to continue working with band sounds too.

And this has been my mom’s wish for a long time; in the future when I’m older, I think I’ll be trying out the Korean ‘Trot’ genre!

Likewise for acting, your roles in School 2017 and Business Proposal matched your personality super well – would you ever try roles that are completely opposite from your personality? Like The Glory, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

These days, I actually try to choose roles that are kind of different from me. I’ve realized how fun taking on new challenges can be! Regardless of the roles I take on, I inject a bit of myself into the roles as the interpretation is up to me on how the character will act in a certain situation.

I’m always open to trying roles that are a complete opposite of my personality, like the works that you had mentioned. And I’m also always on the lookout for something completely unexpected, like a villain role.

It was a delight getting to know SEJEONG, hearing her thought processes and views of her ongoing career! Furthermore, she was super sweet and kind during the interview, I wish her all the success that’ll be coming her way. For SEJEONG, this tour will be the first of many steps to making her music known by all.

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