Heart-Fluttering Episodes Served In “Going to You at a Speed of 493KM”

If you have been catching “Going to You at a Speed of 493KM” on Disney+ religiously, you would have lost count of the various heart-fluttering moments from our favourite athletes Park Taejun (Chae Jong Hyeop) and Park Taeyang (Park Ju Hyun), aka the Perdona couple. Indeed, a winning game takes two hearts—let’s take a look at some of the heart-fluttering moments that the pair has served us, with feels smashing straight into the depths of our hearts.

*Note: Major spoilers below!*

1) Rooting For You Since 12

“I know who you are. I wouldn’t dump my other half with someone who doesn’t know it.”

Imagine meeting someone for the first time at 12, then meeting again at 25… only to find out that this person has been rooting for you all this time. The two Parks first met in an odd encounter when Taejun caught Taeyang trying to steal his bicycle and proceeded to challenge her to a badminton duel. Fast forward 13 years later, Taejun confidently gave his racket to Taeyang when he wanted to retire from the sport because he knew it would be in good hands.

Also, our hearts melted when Taeyang replied later on, “I’ve rooted for you since I was 12 too.” How do you not love this couple from the very first episode already?

2) My Sweet Taeyang

Taejun is out with his friends one night when they find out that he may be interested in a girl: Taeyang. His friends end up teasing him, asking Taeyang to come and pick up poor, drunk Taejun. While Taejun tells his friends that Taeyang won’t be coming, his phone ends up unusable after being in a glass of beer due to the teasing–there’s no doubt that he’s holding on to hope, because even after they leave, he stays on waiting for that special someone.

You should see the way Taejun’s face lights up when Taeyang arrives, even though it is past her curfew. And that small yet adorable smile on Taeyang’s face when he calls her ‘my sweet Taeyang’.

3) I Don’t Have An Umbrella

Imagine being stuck in the rain with your crush… sounds like a dream come true right? Except that in this case, Taejun creates the scenario and pretends that he does not have an umbrella, just so he can spend a longer time with Taeyang until the rain stops. Look at the snug smile on his face!

4) “I do already.”

In the drama, Taejun is portrayed as someone who always felt that he was not talented enough and stuck in the shadow of his sister. We feel his pain when he asks Taeyang to love him, but what she replies instantly gave us butterflies in the stomach.

“Can you please love me?”
I do already.”

Following her reply, Taeyang reaches out to hold Taejun’s hand, as if to reassure him that she’ll always be by his side.

5) “This side is hoping for something too”

When Taejun suddenly inches forward to kiss Taeyang on her left cheek, he asks her if she was hoping for this. Although taken aback by the surprise ‘attack’, Taeyang tugs in her hair behind her right ear and replied, “this side is hoping for something too”, referring to her right cheek.

Taejun leans forward seemingly to kiss the other cheek, but instead cheekily asks if Taeyang is hooked onto it, who ends up getting hit by her.

Can’t get over this loveable couple and want to watch more? Going to You at a Speed of 493KM” is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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