HWASA Sheds Tears Of Thankfulness At ‘TWITS’ Singapore Fancon

HWASA brought her much-awaited “TWITS” Fancon Tour to Singapore on the evening on June 22nd, held at The Star Theatre. Kicking off the concert, she surprised everyone with ‘Twit’ by emerging from the side entrance. HWASA also interacted with the audience – giving away her cardigan – right before going on stage to perform her next song, ‘I Love My Body’.

Greeting the crowd with the Singlish phrase “have you makan?”, HWASA revealed she ran on the treadmill that morning in order to put on a good show, but was regretful that her throat was not in its best condition.

Continuing with ‘Somebody!’, HWASA showed her versatility with performances such as ‘Lemon’ – featuring a sexy dance break with her dancers – and a soulful cover of ‘Walk On By’.

It has been a year since HWASA last came to Singapore – her last time being MAMAMOO’s concert – and that made her worry if she still has fans here.Those worries were quickly squashed when she opened to an excited crowd of MOOMOOs.

Twits (HWASA’s fandom name) got to know their idol better during the various ‘fanmeet’ segments of the Fancon, emceed by April Kim, who hyped up the audience with her enthusiasm and got everyone chanting to HWASA, or her birth name, Ahn Hyejin.


Starting off with unveiling a never-seen-before dance challenge video, HWASA revealed that it was recorded at an event (the 2024 Circle Chart Music Awards). It was after much deliberation that she decided against uploading the video. Fortunately for Twits present, they got to witness HWASA doing the dance challenge on stage!

While seated, HWASA sang ‘Remind Me’ (a Meghan Trainor cover), a song she listens to whenever she is feeling vulnerable. The song always reminds her of her fans. Her rendition left the audience teary-eyed, and HWASA herself admitted that recently, she would cry whenever she listens to this song.

Talking about what HWASA has done in Singapore so far, the singer told fans that she visited the Merlion the day before and had taken the customary shot with it. She also said that due to comeback preparations, she is currently on a diet but a local dish that she cannot give up on is kaya toast.


During the next segment, a board with post-it notes submitted by Twits before the Fancon was brought on stage wherein HWASA handpicked some requests and fan questions.

“You are doing 5 encores today right?”

HWASA could not promise that, but hinted she will ‘move along’ with the fans’ screams.

A question on Instagram filters was brought up as she was on an Instagram live recently with MAMAMOO members where she revealed to everyone that she only has this one cucumber filter that a fan taught her how to download. Smiling cheekily, she said she would ask her dancers to help with downloading more filters.


During this segment, HWASA had to choose one out of the five tasks presented for four challenges. Displaying her cute (and truthful!) side with the Cat Ears of Truth, HWASA also aced the flirting challenge with the Instant Situation Q&A.

One of the questions asked during the Cat Ears of Truth was “Moment I feel the sexiest”, to which HWASA replied after she gets out of the shower. The response was met with a commotion from the fans. “We all do think like that right, no? Or is it only me?”

The crowd was delighted as she gamely did the viral ‘Mala Tanghulu’ challenge and aespa’s ‘Supernova’ for the K-Pop dance challenge – what can HWASA not do?

“Because we are all Twits

Resuming the concert segment of the Fancon, HWASA performed ‘I’m a B’, before returning to stage after a VCR break in a gorgeous white flowy gown for ‘LMM’, where she appeared as a silhouette against an orange sun backdrop.

A fan project, with a fanmade video showing messages of support for HWASA was shown on the screen. When HWASA turned around towards the end of the video, she was greeted with fan banners raised by everyone at the venue. HWASA got teary eyed upon seeing the fan project and thanked the fans, admitting that she did not cry at her other stops and joked that she was going to tell her mother.

“This are the tears of thankfulness; you guys are the reason that I can go on.”


HWASA was surprised one more time during the photo taking session, where her dancers wheeled out a birthday cake to celebrate MAMAMOO’s 10th debut anniversary. She then requested everyone to sing ‘MAMAMOO’ instead of ‘HWASA’, even though the other members were not here.

Delighting MOOMOOs with a MAMAMOO medley segment consisting of ‘Decalcomanie’, ‘Egotistic’, ‘Starry Night’, ‘Dingga’ and ‘HIP’ which got everyone waving their MooBongs to, HWASA of course did not miss out on her other iconic hits like ‘Maria’ and ‘Chili’. As her Fancon coincided with MAMAMOO’s 10th debut anniversary, instead of the usual acoustic set of ‘I Love My Body’ performed at the end of the concert, HWASA chose to close with MAMAMOO’s ‘Travel’ for the Singapore stop.

For the encore, HWASA performed ‘I Love My Body’ and ‘Twit’, and she surprised fans by coming down for ‘LMM’, where a lucky Twit even got a place a crown headpiece on the queen herself. At this point, everyone was up on their feet and dancing along to ‘Maria’. True to her word, HWASA returned one more time for a second encore with ‘Chili’ and turned the heat up, transforming the concert hall to a full-blown partying atmosphere with her Twits (sorry not sorry to those who left earlier!)

“I will meet you guys again with a better version of myself! I will live like a Twit for you all!”


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