DreamCatcher in Singapore – InSomnias blew the roof off at Nightmare City

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DreamCatcher in Singapore - InSomnias blew the roof off at Nightmare City

Korea to Singapore – As requested by fans through MyMusicTaste, South Korea’s popular metal girl group – DreamCatcher made their first pit-stop here in Singapore. It was a part of their long-awaited first ever Southeast Asia tour “Invitation from Nightmare City”.

DreamCatcher was here in Singapore only a couple of months back at the HallyuPopFest 2018. This time, InSomnia had the opportunity to witness a variety of breathtaking performances, and accompanied by awe-inspiring choreography.

DreamCatcher in Singapore - InSomnias blew the roof off at Nightmare City

The girls kicked off the concert on a high with their explosive track, “What”; which was accompanied by powerful fan chants that engulfed the Gateway Theatre. The song was a track from their third mini album, “Alone in the City”. Singapore InSomnia were full of energy throughout, showing their appreciation when the girls did their individual introductions in English. It was a case of sincerity (from DreamCatcher) reciprocated (by InSomnia), in a heartwarming moment.

DreamCatcher performed many of their hits such as “Piri”, “You & I” and “And there was no one left” during the night. However, InSomnia were treated to a special performance from their three units – the “Cutie”, the “Acoustic” and the “Sexy”. This was the first time that they were performing as units, which only fuelled the fans’ further. The units performed to Charlie Puth’s ‘Attention’, Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ and Flo Rida’s ‘I don’t like it, I love it’. Although the first time, it felt like they have done this for umpteenth times, as the girls executed the songs to perfection.

Non-stop performance by Dreamcatcher won the hearts of InSomnias

Throughout the concert, not once did the girls stepped off the stage to change or to play a video. They were ever-present on stage, delivering consistently explosive vocals and dance; which made me wonder if they’re even human. They consistently engaged InSomnia by “shooting hearts”, while InSomnia were fully focused on their fan chants.

As the concert drew to a close, the girls and the fans were not showing any signs of fatique. While Handong made her ending speech, InSomnia serenaded her with “Happy Birthday” to wish her in advance; and it moved her to tears. The girls were thankful for their InSomnia for their never-ending cheers and they were surprised themselves to see that they had so many fans in Singapore. This was their first ever concert in Singapore, and the girls also shared that they would only work harder from now on, so that they can come back to Singapore to perform again. They hope that Singapore InSomnia will remain healthy and take care of themselves until they come back to our sunny shores.

To the InSomnia, you guys worked your guts out to show your love for the girls, and we are sure they’ll be back again to see us soon.

More photos from the concert: https://www.facebook.com/126224380741256/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2363026173727721

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