Eye Styling BLACKPINK: Choosing the right colored contact lens for you

eyestyling blackpink choosing colored contact lens

KAvenyou Beauty Carnival 2019 – BLINKS around the world has been mesmerized by the gorgeousness of BLACKPINK, and will probably show support to the 4 fine ladies by buying up whatever they “supposedly” use. Rather then following trends blindly, do you ladies really know how to go about choosing the right products that will bring out the best in you?

By now, BLINKS or not alike will probably know where we are headed, and the people responsible for Eye styling BLACKPINK will obviously be mentioned. I personally believe that beauty is a very subjective topic, and every one of you will bound to find someone who will be attracted to you eventually. So don’t expect a one-size fit all answer (or could there really be one) here.

In this coverage, we have miraculously grabbed the experts over at O-Lens by their collar, to force some secret tips out of them (kidding obviously). Hopefully at the end of reading this, you will have a better idea on what color will suit your eyes best for any occasions. 

Bring on the colored contact for the generalists

As we were told, there is no miracle color that will make everyone look like BLACKPINK, but there are indeed more generic colors that will go well with almost anyone and any occasions. The “magic” colors are BROWN, CHOCO, and GRAY. In O-Lens terms, these are the colors that fall within the “Spanish Real Collection”.

Hair, makeup and skin tones

So when we try to go all “matchy” in design and colors, what do we actually match to? Perhaps the hair color and the makeup you have for the day. 

Light hair shades with eyeliner / shadows: Such a combination will be better complemented by more splendid colored contact lenses, best represented by the Symphony 3con, Secriss 3con Coral, and BlingSome series; and BLINKS will better relate these to the Lisa and Rose lenses.

Dark hair shades with natural makeup: Such a natural mood combination will benefit from more neutral tones contacts. Some colors to consider will include the Natural Someday Choco, Spanish Real colors, and the Falling Brown Choco.

In addition, colorful 3con contacts will not look as good with natural makeup, and natural colored contacts will not harmonize with more colorful makeup. It is advised to always decide on the makeup and overall styling, before fitting the colored contacts with the overall style.

Light and dark skin tones:It was advised that skin tones will be unlikely to make major difference in your choice for eye colors, as skin tones can be adjusted with the use of appropriate makeup styles. However, the experts do have some recommendations based on hair shades.

Generally dark hair colors will probably go well with Brown, Choco or Gray contacts, while light hair colors will be complemented by Light Brown, Brown or Gray contacts.

Living in the trend of the Pantone Color of 2019: Living Coral

It has been announced that the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year is “Living Coral”, and many has said that this color is basically a color made for makeup. So what color contacts will go best with the color of the year as base makeup? Fret not, because our friends at O-Lens have already got it covered here.

Hopefully the above tips were useful in helping you decide the contact lens color that will bring out the best in the style for whatever occasion. We will also like to thank O-Lens for sharing these great tips with us.

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