ATEEZ sells out tickets all around the world at an incredible speed!

ATEEZ debuted late October 2018, so only 4 months ago. You haven’t looked into them yet? You may be missing out on a new K-Pop phenomenon!

ATEEZ is a rookie group consisting of 8 members. They debuted 4 months ago, but benefited from strong pre-debut promotions. With some members taking part in the survival show Mix Nine and a whole 19-episodes reality TV showing their pre-debut, they had fans even before debuting.

So despite coming from a fairly small agency (KQ Entertainment is the mother house of Seven Seasons who manages Block B), ATEEZ are under the spotlight since right after debuting. International fans especially are drawn to their heavy-style songs and powerful performances. This genre has always been very popular in western countries. ATEEZ are no exxception. Hence, their international popularity seems to grow even faster than their domestic one.

On January 24th, the young group announced they would be heading to the U.S. on THE EXPEDITION TOUR with MyMusicTaste. They will be stopping in a total of five cities: Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. Besides, just a few weeks later, it was announced that they’ll visit Europe with stops in London, Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Budapest, Stockholm, Warsaw and Moscow. Making it a total of 15 countries visited for solo concerts within 6 months after their debut.

Regarding the U.S tour, most of the venues were sold-out in a few minutes. As for Europe, pre-sales were on February, 25th but the tickets available for pre-sales also were sold in a very short time for many of the stops.
More than just selling out fast, some of the websites also crashed from the strong demand.

General sales will start on Wednesday, 27th but according to the venue in Paris (Le Bataclan), only a few tickets were kept for the general sales. They said fans will have to be really fast on sales day to grab one of the remaining tickets.

ATEEZ debuted with an album called “Treasure Ep. 1 : All to Zero” and came back 2 months later with “Treasure Ep. 2 : Zero to One”. With their popularity growing this fast and considering how they’re taking new steps all the time, their “All to Zero” may soon turn into an “All to 100”.

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