Korean Makeup – Glitter and shine “K Beauty” style

Korean Makeup Glitter and Shine k beauty style

KAvenyou Beauty Carnival 2019 – With every year passing, more people are looking to the lead of Korean beauty for the newest trends in the world of beauty. Let’s face it, when Asian women talk about the latest makeup trends, most of us looks to the Korean or Japanese. We are not saying that our Western counterparts are inferior, but rather the Koreans and Japanese are great in adapting global trends to suit us Asians.

So what trends are shining, glittering, and making women glow now?

Glittery Eye Makeup

Back in 2018, we all know that naturally-contoured eye was the HOTTEST Korean makeup trend but 2019? It’s time to add a little shine – and a suitable product would be the Innisfree Twinkle Glitter Hologram! Creating just the right amount of shimmer over the eyes, the specks of glitter catching the light would make it perfect for daytime looks and especially at night!

Glossy-looking Lips

If you mention glossy lips, every K-drama loving fan would probably think of Jun Ji Hyun from ‘My Love from the Star’, where she took the world by storm – not just for the story but her makeup – definitely attracted all those beauty junkies with her lip gloss that painted her rosy, luscious lips.

And while the LANEIGE Stained Glasstick may not be the exact one that she used, it definitely gives you a glittery and glossy effect to achieve her luscious lips.


With all this shine, it reminds me of Heize. A South-Korean singer and rapper, and definitely not a stranger, as we’ve mentioned her a few times in our previous articles and having recently made a comeback with “She’s Fine”.

Looking back at all her past photos, Heize seems to love all the glimmer and shine as she rocks those hair tinsels and glitter eye makeup. Maybe that’s why my eyes are always transfixed onto her whenever she performs as those glitter shines whenever the spotlight hits them. What’s your take on “Glitter” as the new beauty trend in 2019?

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