DREAMCATCHER chase after their dream in successful Europe tour

Dreamcatcher performing in Paris

On February 25th, DREAMCATCHER put an end to their Europe tour with a show in Paris.

On January, 13, 2017 DREAMCATCHER debuted with the single album “Nightmare”. Less than one year later, they started their Europe tour. For 5 out of the current 7 members, it was a re-debut as JiU, SuA, SiYeon, YooHyeon and Da Mi had already debuted together as “MINX”. The re-debut and the addition of HanDong and GaHyeon, together with an unusual “mistery” concept, drew attention on the group.

That is how European fans started requested for a DREAMCATCHER Europe tour through MyMusicTaste. The general “rule” on MyMusicTaste is that fans must gather over 50 000 Make Points for a concert to have a chance to happen. For DREAMCATCHER, the number of Make Points in Paris was twice that much. So it was no surprise to see the packed venue and hear the enthusiastic cheers.

The group proved that you don’t need years of experience to gain a sturdy fanbase abroad. Through an original concept and their hard work, the members did gain enough recognition to engage in a world tour that most senior groups and their companies sometimes still hesitate to embark in.

When on stage, the members seemed to enjoy the support and love they kept receiving from the fans.

They said that after filming one of their MVs in France, they wouldn’t have expected to have a concert in Paris and were very happy about it. The MV in question was Fly High, the song that gathered the loudest fanchants during the concert. And even before : while waiting for the concert to start, the fans were already singing the song. The girls members heard it from the backstage and said it even made them want to cry.

Besides their own songs, DREAMCATCHER also held special stages. They displayed impressive vocal skills with covers from Pink and Maroon 5. They also performed on SNSD’s “Into The New World” and Taylor Swift’s “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

The concert ended on a special surprise, as the staff wanted to congratulate the girls for completing their Europe tour. When they said their final goodbye, the lights went off and fans used their phone’s flashlight as the song “Emotion” started to play. DREAMCATCHER bursted into tears, showing their happiness at completing a new step into their dream.

And if you haven’t yet, watch our video interview of the group as they were preparing for their Europe tour.

Thank you to MyMusicTaste and Happy Face Entertainment for the interview and invitation.

Article and photos by Céline

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