Dreamcatcher invites fan to a not-so-scary “Nightmare City” in Paris

Dreamcatcher in Paris

On November, 3rd, Dreamcatcher invited their Insomnias to Nightmare City with a concert in Paris. Their 2nd one there, making them the most experienced girl group in Europe.

Indeed, girls group are still quite a rare sight in Europe. Yet their definitely have their audience. K-Pop fans were definitely present. Which is undoubtedly because of their unique concept. The members are naturally cute, especially in their interactions with fans but they don’t use it as a concept.

Dreamcatcher in Paris

On the contrary, their concert is quite powerful. Their music has rock influences and can almost be catagorized as K-Rock (with no live instruments). Their choreos are quite powerful and very defined and elegant. This “nightmare” concept is an extension of their MV plots. It’s this originality that attracts fans. Inside the Parisian venue gathered not only the usual K-Pop but also families and J-Pop fans who find in Dreamcatcher was they love in japanese groups.

Touring is never easy for an artist, and fall is a period when people – under European climates at least – get sick easily. Unfortunately for JiU and Gahyeon, Dreamcatcher aren’t immune to colds. They were obviously sick but made efforts for it to not show. They almost succeeded, if not for the regular coughing and JiU’s hoarse voice. It takes real professionalism and determination to perform so energetically despite being sick.

Dreamcatcher in Paris

The group also didn’t tour as a whole. Indeed, Handong, who will take part in the Chinese show “Idol Producer”, couldn’t take part in the Europe tour. This had been announced by the group’s company prior to the tour, so fans could prepare for it. One of them brought a Handong cardboard. It was a successful idea. The girls took it on stage to lend it their mic on Handong’s line, proving that they also miss their fellow member.

During the evening, Dreamcatcher prepared gifts for fans. They chose lucky winners who could go back home with autohraphed flags that were part of the merch, or a non-commercialized album of Over The Sky. They chose winners among all categories, making sure to not leave anyone out. The members noticed how people who didn’t win seemed just as happy as the winners at each announcement.

As an other cute interactions between Dreamcatcher and Insomnias, the members asked fans to follow an simple and easy choreo on Polaris. The song, is one of the rare ballads on the setlist, a genre at which the group excels in.

Dreamcatcher in Paris

The girls didn’t forget to remind everyone that the tour has been organised by MyMusicTaste. The website relies on fans requesting concerts. So the members encouraged Insomnias to quickly visit the website and request an other tour.

You can also check their website for more information regarding MyMusicTaste upcoming events in Europe, including tours by Holland and The Boyz.

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