[COVERAGE] IME KWAVE Concert in Bangkok with VIXX, Seventeen and Halo!

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A true feast for the eyes and ears, VIXX, Seventeen and Halo were all in Bangkok last Friday for the IME Kwave Concert and heated up the Royal Paragon Hall with all their hit songs. Although it wasn’t a full house, Starlights, Carats and HAVEs still cheered their hearts out together.

The three groups made flashy entrances on the red carpet where they posed and greeted the press and their passionate fans. They all looked dashing in their stage outfits, some members flashing cute eye-smiles and others with their piercing gazes. Halo walked the red carpet first dressed in dandy outfits, warmly greeting everyone in Thai. Seventeen walked next quickly filling the podium as all 13 members looked dashing in bedazzled black suits, each giving self-introductions and smiling for the cameras. VIXX were last to walk, appearing in the Fantasy concept outfits, oozing with chic and coolness. They really lived up to their “manly concept-dol” image as they gave short and sweet greetings in Thai and Korean, Ken even said a short phrase in Thai that gave fans who were there a heart attack with how sweet it was!

The crowd went wild as Halo appeared on stage and kicked off the night’s festivities with their stage, singing ‘Feels Good’ and ‘Mariya (마리야)’. As Halo greeted the audience, Thai HAVEs raised slogans that read “SAWASDEE HALO” that put a smile on the members’ faces, embracing the 6 members of Halo in a warm welcome. They expressed their excitement being able to come to Bangkok and were happy to see their Thai fans for the first time with leader Ooon thanking Thai fans for the warm welcome. Halo slowed things down with their power ballad ‘Just For You, I (우리 맑음) which had touching lyrics that had the audience waving their lightsticks side to side but brought the mood right back up with ‘Surprise’ and ‘Fever’. They bid the fans goodbye with broad smiles on their faces promising to be back.

Dimmed lights and hushed whispers all changed the moment when Seventeen walked out on stage and were welcomed with deafening screams and as they performed their latest songs ‘Boom Boom’ and ‘ Very Nice’. Stopping to catch their breaths and to greet the fans, Seventeen expressed their happiness about being back on stage in Thailand and seeing their Carats again. They had fun with the fans as Mingyu strutted his stuff, doing a little cat walk down the stage. Woozi and Seungkwan also did their own cute and fabulous rendition of a cat walk that left the fans screaming. Things took a darker turn when they performed ‘NO F.U.N’ and ‘Fast Paced’ with the sexy choreography drove fans wild. Lastly saying goodbye to the fans they hinted the last two songs by inviting the fans to follow them in dancing to the point dances in ‘Adore U (아낀다)’ and ‘Mansae (만세)’.

VIXX were the last to perform and started with performing all 3 songs from their 2016 conception trilogy project ‘Dynamite’, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘The Closer’. After the three amazing performances, they finally greeted the fans and were meet with an overwhelming welcome. Maknae Hyuk updated fans about their upcoming comeback album and asked fans to support the members in their individual schedules. Ravi having recently released his first solo album this year rapped a snippet of ‘BOMB’ which fans happily sang along to. Vocal line Leo and Ken have been busy with musicals this year, Leo even sang a short part of a musical number from his last musical ‘Monte Cristo’. Leader N and Hongbin, acting in various upcoming dramas, asked fans to support and watch their dramas when they air. After a quick outfit change they were back with ‘On & On’ and finally ending their set with fan dedicated favourites ‘Heaven’ and ‘Love Equation’ continuously making eye contact, playing around with each other and having fun with the audience.

Just when the fans thought it was over all 3 groups appeared on stage with flashlights in hand for their encore performance! VIXX, Seventeen and Halo all joined forces taking turns to belt out the funky ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars. They even had a little dance battle during the breakdown of the song much to the fans’ delight. They all gathered back on the main stage to greet their fans for the last time, leaving Starlights, Carats and HAVEs with an enjoyable and precious new memory for sure.

Article & Photography by: Ethel @ KAvenyou.com

KAvenyou would like to thank IME SG for the invite to IME K-Wave Concert in Bangkok!

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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