SEVENTEEN IDEAL CUT 2018 IN SINGAPORE – “The most ideal cut in my life is to be a member of Seventeen.”

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Becoming one of the biggest K-pop boy groups, Seventeen once again proved that they are getting bigger and bigger each year. It is of no surprise that a fourth date had to be added to their three-day Seoul concert tour in June as all tickets were sold out in a flash!

Seventeen returns with ‘IDEAL CUT’ in Singapore Indoor Stadium, following the success of ‘Diamond Edge’

Seventeen kick-started the concert with hit songs such as ‘Highlight’,Thanks’, ‘No F.U.N’, and ‘Chuck’.

The boys took a short break while conducting an energy check with the fans, and Singapore Carats were not foretold of the upcoming treat the boys have prepared – Special stages from their hip-hop unit with Sukyo (a really special performance I would say as it is of an unreleased song!), performance unit with ‘Swimming Fool’, vocal unit with ‘Pinwheel’ and even mixed unit stages! It was also revealed that Dino choreographed the dance for ‘Flower’! The energy of Seventeen and Carats remained high throughout the concert! It was like a huge-scale party!

While English was not a problem for Vernon and Joshua, Chinese members Jun and The8 also delivered their ments in Chinese, being Mandarin is their first language.

Members made sure that Carats received their love throughout the show, making heart signs and thanking and crediting their loyal fans for their undying support, for giving them the confidence to take on the world with their music.

seventeen ideal cut singapore

Did you have fun? We are thrilled and had so much fun with you guys. It has been a year since we are here. Thank you for your support and cheer. It has been an incredible time for us Seungkwan said.

Our Carats are incredible! We will never forget your cheers and support for us!” added Dino.

Do you know what I missed about Singapore? Chilli Crab!!! ㅋㅋㅋ” joked Vernon, but continued to add on how much he missed Singapore Carats and thank the fans for attending the concert and it was a wonderful night.

We tried our best to spend a closer time together with you tonight. See you next time and we promise a better performance till we see each other again!” said DK.

Thank you everyone for coming despite the rain. I hope more Carats will come for our next show! At a bigger space! With more Carats! Let’s wait and support each other like a Sunflower!” added Mingyu.

I am happy to be here with you guys. I will remember Carats forever! See you guys next time!” said The8.

Thanks to this IDEAL CUT tour, we have travelled a lot of places and Carats from around including you have been giving us incredible energy. We feel the energy from you and let’s have fun again soon!” added Woozi.

seventeen ideal cut singapore 2

Thank you for coming to our show. We hope you guys had fun. Have a safe journey home!” said Wonwoo.

Thanks to you guys, we managed to come back to Singapore. Thank you for create the best memory for us. We, Will, continue to do our best and bring better performance for you!” said Hoshi.

“Thank you for spending the night with us. Hope you had fun! See you again next time!” said Jun.

I had so much fun tonight! You guys are amazing! We hope to come back again next year! Thank you for your love and support!” said Joshua.

Thank you for making my day, We will come back next time, all 13 of us!” said Jeonghan.

I am happy to be back here to meet you again. I hope all of you are able to take home a good memory which we have created here today. All 13 members are here to see you and we will be back! I always love you!” added lastly by Leader S.Coups.

seventeen ideal cut singapore 3

Carats watched how Seventeen grew from newbies to a boy group that able to hold 4 days concert straight in Seoul and many other countries. The boys are thankful for the fans that are always here, always supporting and giving them so much love. Right at the end of the concert, a VCR was shown and the boys express their thoughts of learning how to hold a concert on their own and how much they grew, from performing in a small venue till now. The VCR also expressed Seventeen’s love towards Carats. Each member mentioned their most ‘ideal cut’ in their lives are every moment spend with Carats.

KAvenyou would like to thank Fast Track Events for the invite to Seventeen Concert 2018 ‘Ideal Cut’

Article by: Leslyn @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Organiser

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