VIXX and Starlights make each other shine in Paris Live and Meet

Vixx in Paris - Live and Meet

On September the 18th, VIXX performed in France for a “Live and Meet” Europe tour that included Milan and Paris.

European Starlights were among the first ones to see VIXX performing their new song, as this tour happened just a few weeks after their comeback. So fans came in numbers to support the group and their new songs.

About one month prior to this Europe tour, VIXX held concerts in Seoul under the title “Elysium”. Those were big-scale concerts, with a huge production and a manly concept. For this Live & Meet tour, the set-up was much more intimate. Le Comedia can welcome about 1 000 fans, and is an intimate parisian venue that opened up in 1854. As it was a “Live & Meet”, it was perfect for everyone to feel like they’ve actually met VIXX. Even for fans who didn’t get a VIP ticket with Hi-touch.

It is not easy for all artists to easily go from a big concert to an intimate event. VIXX did it thanks to their own talent and to their Starlights’ support. Of course, during songs. Error, Voodoo-Doll, Chained Up for example had all the fans singing along with the group. The songs from their new album Hades also were a huge success. The french fanbase had organised a group order of the album and many fans have picked their album up just before the concert. Hearing Fantasy or Love Me Do live so close to the album release made the french Starlights really happy. One of them told us :

“As a french K-Pop fan, or more generally a European K-Pop fans, we are quite used to coming last in terms of events. Most groups promote in Asia, then in the United States and then come here. I love VIXX and I am grateful to them for coming right after their Korean promotions ended”. 

Vixx in Paris - Live and Meet

But VIXX also shone bright during the small “Meet” portion of the event. While queuing, fans could use sticker notes to ask questions to their favorite member. Rather than choosing questions meant for themselves, most members chose the questions for each other. That is how Leo ended up doing aegyo. Leo is a naturally quiet and shy person so he asked for Ken’s help. Ken led the way and showed Leo how to do it, but Ravi still found a way to tease Leo and made him do the aegyo twice.

However, you know how karma works. While Ravi was later supposed to speak in French, he tried saying “Starlights je t’aime” (Starlights I love you). He almost nailed the “speaking French” part but Ken complained that he should have made a heart. Ravi did it again, with a finger heart that didn’t satisfy N who asked for a bigger heart… Making Ravi do it three times more.

Though it may sound like just a small anecdote, it proves that fans know VIXX enough to know what would lead to a funny moment. In return, members knew what the fans wanted to see and made sure to give it to French Starlights. They took their time choosing the questions and completing to mission in the best way.

The group explained this perfectly, using the fan event of the day to convey their love for Starlights. Members said “I think I saw banners saying that Starlights exist thanks to VIXX. I personally believe it is the other way round.”. They further added, “Starlight is the perfect name for you because even when you’re far away we still can see your light”.

This light seems to get bigger as time goes by. Vixx already came to Europe in 2014. But when the members asked if there were fans who came for the first time, many raised their hands. They seem to keep making new fans. Considering how happy Starlights looked after the concert, there will probably be even more people attending their next event in Europe.

Article and pictures by Céline

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