[COVERAGE] SEVENTEEN sets Carats on fire with their first concert in Malaysia!

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[COVERAGE] SEVENTEEN sets Carats on fire with their first concert in Malaysia!

KUALA LUMPUR – SEVENTEEN was in Malaysia last Saturday (9 September) for their 1st World Tour
“DIAMOND EDGE” in Kuala Lumpur! It was an amazing concert filled with thousands of
Carats in Stadium Negara just to see the boys!

The 13-member boy group SEVENTEEN started off the concert with the songs ‘Pretty U’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Adore U’. They were wearing colorful suits where each of them had their own iconic color which represented themselves. After the opening performances, they introduced themselves and greeted Carats in Malay – “Apa khabar”, “Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan”, making the fans screaming in joy!

Other than group performance, SEVENTEEN also performed in sub-units. Vocal Unit (Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK and Seungkwan) performed ‘We Gonna Make It Shine’ and ‘Don’t Listen Secretly’ emotionally. Hip Hop Unit (S.Coups, Vernon, Mingyu, Wonwoo) took the stage with ‘Un Haeng Il Chi’ and ‘Check In’. Meanwhile Performance Unit (Jun, Hoshi, The8, Dino) set Carats on fire with ‘OMG’ and ‘Highlight’.

SEVENTEEN even prepared special stage to surprise Carats! Jun and The8 showcased their sexy dance movement in the duet performance ‘My I’! Before Encore, they performed ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ as the last song. The whole stadium were filled with Carats beautiful voices, singing along while holding up their light sticks.

[COVERAGE] SEVENTEEN sets Carats on fire with their first concert in Malaysia!

After the Encore stage, SEVENTEEN sat down and each member dropped a touching message to the Malaysian fans.

S.Coups        : Tonight was really great, we will be back to Korea tomorrow, but u will always remain in my heart our heart, There’s something that I always tell carat, there will be SEVENTEEN that you look up for, even though we are apart but we are always together.

Jeonghan     : Thank you for spending this precious time with us tonight, because you guys are precious to us. Did you all had fun tonight?

Jun               : It was a great day tonight, wherever we meet Carat, you all are great!

Joshua          : Thank you, you guys are amazing! I’ve decided to come back KL, you guys made me wanna come back to see u guys next time!

Seungkwan   : You guys throat must hurt, like I feel the same way as Joshua. Without your love, we won’t be standing here. Thank you, I love you.

Mingyu         : You guys are so kind, the reason we are here is because u guys want us to be here, because of your love and chanting we had great performance, we would like to come back KL ASAP, we will come back with great song, thank you for coming tonight, when we meet again next time, Aku cinta kamu.

Dino             : Thank you for coming, filling up this place. For you all who have been supporting us before we even come to Malaysia, we promise that we will come back!

Dk                 : Grateful to everyone who came, we promise you we will come back with better show and better concert. We hope that we can come back soon, don’t get sick, we will be back, “Aku cinta kamu”

Hoshi            : It was great today we promise you we will come back, we hope u all go home safely, thank youuu

The8            : Are you happpy? Seeing u all dancing and singing together I’m very happy. Tomorrow we are leaving, don’t be sad, even though we are apart, we will do better and we wish you will do the same, even though it’s raining outside, we hope you can go home safely, bye bye!

Woozi          : We really work hard, but every time when we see Carat singing and chanting together, it makes us wanna work harder, work better. We will come back with better works and meet u guys, thank you!

Vernon       : You all had fun tonight?? Being able to perform in KL is an honor, we will keep working hard for your support and love, have a good night, have a safe trio back home! Thank you.

Wonhoo     : Seeing u all make us wanna work harder, as member said, we will work harder and present better performance in the future, thank you we had fun!

[COVERAGE] SEVENTEEN sets Carats on fire with their first concert in Malaysia!

SEVENTEEN “DIAMOND EDGE” in Kuala Lumpur Set List:
1) Pretty U
2) Beautiful
3) Adore U
4) Still Lonely
5) Very Nice!
6) Swimming Fool
7) Mansae
8) Boom Boom
9) We Gonna Make It Shine (Vocal Team)
10) Don’t Listen Secretly (Vocal Team)
11) Eun Haeng Il Chi (Hip Hop Team)
12) Check-In (Hip Hop Team)
13) OMG (Performance Team)
14) Highlight (Performance Team)
15) Crazy In Love
16) My I
17) Habit
18) If I
19) Rock
20) Chuck
21) Don’t Wanna Cry

22) Shining Diamond
23) Healing


Article by: Adeline Ng 

Photos by: IME Asia


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