VIXX pinky promised they will be back in Singapore again!

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The boys of VIXX are finally back after making Singapore their last stop for ‘VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia’ concert last year. The boys were extremely excited and happy to meet their Singapore fans again.

VIXX kicked off the event with “Chained Up” and “Beautiful Killer” before introducing themselves. Donned in black suits and gold chains, the boys talked about the food they missed eating when they were here last year. Ken even went as far to jokingly say he gained 5kg the last time they were here!

VIXX continued the performance with their newest songs “Dynamite” and “Spider”. They also took the chance to share some of the moments when they were either in Korea for promotions or during their free time. The fans squealed in delight when VIXX members revealed personal selcas (self-taken photos)!




The next segment of the concert was a series of lively songs from VIXX, such as “Say U Say Me”, “Stop It Girl” and “B.O.D.Y”.

They then proceeded to change outfits before taking to the stage once more to answer a few questions submitted by Starlights. One of the few highlights from the QnA session was N having to perform a sexy butt dance, Ken singing “In The Rain” live and Ken and Hyuk re-enacting a scenario from the popular Korean drama, ‘Descendants of the Sun’.


Some of the questions that was chosen by the members include:

Q: What do you do during your free time?

Hongbin: We’ll grab members out for a movie or we’ll have long talks in the dormitory. For myself, I play basketball with my friends!

Q: What do you like most about Singapore?

Ken: My Starlight babies? (And he proceeded on to do the popular heart sign for the fans)

Q: Where do you want to go to the most?

N: Orchard Road! The members like to shop together and I could still remember us walking down the street and taking photos together~

Hongbin: I’d like to visit USS again, I really like the rollercoasters and I’d like to go there again with our members! (pst: Check out our exclusive USS video with VIXX last year! >

VIXX is also known for their strong vocals as they serenaded their fans with a few of their ballads, like “Bad Bye” and “Love Letter”.


VIXX ended off ‘VIXX Live in Singapore 2016’ with their hit songs such as “Error”, “On and On”, “Eternity” and an encore song, “Love Equation”!

Before bidding goodbye to the fans, the 6 members expressed their gratitude to Starlights who have supported them all along and allowing them to come back to Singapore. They also told the fans to keep a lookout till they make a come back to our sunny island!


This event is proudly brought to you by Three Angles Production

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