[COVERAGE] ‘Shining Diamonds’ 2016 Seventeen Asia Pacific Tour


Seventeen successfully performed to a crowd of at least 3000 Carats for Shining Diamonds 2016

They say the larger the number of carats, the more valuable a diamond. Rookie group Seventeen successfully performed to a crowd of at least 3000 Carats on the 13th August 2016 at the Big Box sure has a group of “valuable” fans.

Feeling bittersweet from your PCD from the fan meet already? The KAvenyou team is ready to help you relive every moment from Shining Diamonds that you’ll be sure to shout, “Mansae”!

Seventeen’s fan meeting, entitled ‘Shining Diamonds’, is a way for them to show their love for their fans, who are officially named ‘Carats’ after the carats of a diamond. Singapore was their first leg on their Asia-Pacific tour and all of the members have expressed that this made it all the more special.


The fan meeting was kickstarted by ‘Shining Diamond’ on a high note with screaming fans. The enthusiasm and passion felt at the fan meet was definitely phenomenal as all the fans seem to be able to sing along and fan chant every single word of the song without fail! This was followed by a group and self-introduction by the thirteen boys of Seventeen where they charmed the crowd with English-speaking members Joshua and Vernon making it a point to address the crowd in English, Chinese-speaking members Jun and The8 who addressed the crowd in Chinese and the rest of the Korean-speaking members having their own unique style of greeting to send the fans into a screaming frenzy.

S.Coups being the considerate leader, he first checked if fans seated all the way at the back could see and hear them before continuing to talk about anything else! After a short introduction, the members then proceeded to sing their second song of the night, ‘Rock’! Looking at the fans’ reactions, they sure did ‘Rock’ it out with the fans!


Then came the section that the fans were all waiting for – The Seventeen boys had to pick a post-it note from a board full of notes written personally by the fans and they had to carry out an action based on the fan’s request or answer the question written by the fan. Truly a way to bring the fans much closer to Seventeen. Most of the post-its were requests but Vernon received a marriage “proposal” from a 15-year-old fan who asked if Vernon would marry her when she turns legal. Vernon responded that he would think about it. What a lucky fan!

Fans stretched the Seventeen boys till their limit as they sent in requests of all sorts. From asking Hoshi to sing a cover of Rain’s song to asking the Seventeen boys to participate in a high note battle with each other which resulted in a lot of joy and laughter from the crowd. A fan even requested the members to imitate a pigeon and in seconds everyone rolled over in laughter as members Joshua, Jun and Woozi transformed into a “flock of pigeons” on stage. A fan also requested rapper Mingyu to sing a line from a song by Seventeen’s vocal team. The8 also had a chance to show off his b-boy moves and wow-ed the crowd! Indeed there’s nothing that could stop the boys of Seventeen from having fun and pleasing the fans at the same time.


Seventeen also performed as members of their respective units. The Vocal Team serenading Carats with a lovely rendition of “When I Grow Up”, Hip Hop Team rocking the stage with “Fronting” and Performance Team bringing the spirits up with “Oh My God”.

The boys of Seventeen continued to entertain the crowd with a second game of relay charades, where MC Seungkwan did a great job hosting the game! Members were grouped based on their team in the band and the Vocal Team proved to have both voice and wit as they won the game with ease! Unfortunately members of the Hip Hop Team had to perform a forfeit after losing charades and Carats sure had a great time being entertained by Vernon’s sexy dance, Wonwoo’s 3-level high note challenge, S.Coups carrying Seungkwan for 3 push-ups and Mingyu having to do aegyo until the fans approved!

Before ending the show, the boys didn’t forget to thank Carats for their attendance at the fan meet with songs that fans were most familiar with, like debut song “Adore U” and their first #1 song “Pretty U”.

Seventeen’s encore show was the highlight of the fan meet as the boys appeared with signed toy balls and threw them to the crowd, sparking a frenzy for those precious balls. Lucky fans got to walk away with not only a priceless signed ball but an experience of a lifetime!

KAvenyou would like to thank Three Angles Production for the media invitation to Seventeen 1st Asia Pacific Tour – Shining Diamonds 2016 in Singapore, and KAvenyou is proud to be an official online media for this event.

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Article by: Cass and Beatrice @ KAvenyou
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