Produce 48 takes centrestage at Mnet M Countdown

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M Countdown is Mnet’s weekly music ranking chart programme, and it features the hottest stages by various Korean K-Pop idols. The most recent Episode 583 is no different, but a specific group of non-idols took centrestage.

The episode featured the likes of Golden Child, NATURE, NORAZO, DIA, LABOUM, BERRYGOOD, IGFLO, Stray Kids, AIVAN, MXM, (G)I-DLE, LOOΠΔ (LOONA), IN2IT, IMFACT, JEONG SEWOON and PRODUCE 48.

Produce 48 reproduces Top 30 Concept Evaluation special stages on M Countdown

produce 48 m countdown i am
Credits: Mnet K-POP Youtube

It was the top 30 members of the reality programme – Produce 48 that took the shine of the night. They reproduced the original hits Rollin’ Rollin’ (Love Potion), To Reach You (Memory Fabricators), See You Again (The Promise), Rumour (H.I.N.P), 1000% (Summer Wish), and I AM (1AM).

Although these has already been broadcasted through the Produce 48 programme before, but it still feels pretty fresh to see it again; this time LIVE on a music programme. The performances were impressive, as though the participants were having their debut stages.

Love Potion – Rollin’ Rollin’
Memory Fabricators – To Reach You
H.I.N.P – Rumour
The Promise – See You Again
Summer Wish – 1000%
1AM – I AM

Apart from the mesmerising performances, many of their sunbaes (seniors) were on show on the night. Jung Chae-yeon (former member of I.O.I) featured for DIA with “WooWoo”, while the duo of MXM Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun performed “YAYAYA”. In addition, soloist Jeong Sewoon also made a comeback with “20 Something”.

The full performances from the other idols are available here.

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