Whose the Japanese “centre” of Produce 48’s “Pick Me”

Introducing the hugely popular Japanese representatives (including centre Miyawaki Sakura) in Produce 48


Fans of ravingly popular Mnet programme Produce 101 has been anticipating the upcoming edition “Produce 48“, which involved the collaboration of Japan’s AKB48. In the recent edition of M! Countdown, the participants took to the stage with their programme theme song “Pick Me”; and netizens had a first glimpse of these girls.

The Paparazzi Corner loves to sniff around the “WWW” in search of hot topics, and we smell interest in the “not so mysterious” centre character. People who are familiar with the format of the show have taken notice of the “centre” of the performance. The song was led by (a Japanese) HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura (宮脇咲良). So what do we know about the Japanese participants, who has garnered quite some interest in the social media world after the broadcast.

Produce 48 Miyawaki Sakura MCountdown

Everyone knows the programme is a more talented version of a popularity contest (since votes counts), so we picked out a couple of the hugely popular Japanese contestants. We will base the following selections on the Sousenkyo General Election (AKB48総選挙) held last year in June, which basically is the AKB world’s election for members.

Miyawaki Sakura (宮脇咲良)

Group: HKT48 Team KIV
Date Of Birth: 19/03/1998
Place of Birth: Kagoshima Prefecture (鹿児島県)
Ranking Last Year: 4th

Sakura has actually took the centre spot in quite a number of singles under HKT48 and AKB48. Most notably, the single Kibouteki Refrain (希望的リフレイン) where she was W-centre (double centre) with Watanabe Mayu (渡辺麻友). Singing is not her strength, but may be made up for by her decent dancing. Her breakout moment came probably when she began hosting for the program AKBingo, and in her own peculiar style.

Matsui Jurina (松井珠理奈)

Group: SKE48 Team S
Date Of Birth: 08/03/1997
Place of Birth: Aichi Prefecture (愛知県)
Ranking Last Year: 3rd

The stalwart of Nagoya, Matsui Jurina (松井珠理奈) has been in the foreground, pulling SKE48 along as she aims to bring SKE48 to the lead of the pack amongst the 48 groups. Jurina has always been an all rounder, using her charms and interpersonal skills to win over fans. During the formation years, the W-Matsui duo of Jurina and ex member, Matsui Rena (松井玲奈) also helped propel the popularity of SKE48.

Shiroma Miru (白間美瑠)

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Group: NMB48 Team M
Date Of Birth: 14/10/1997
Place of Birth: Osaka Prefecture (大阪府)
Ranking Last Year: 12th

Sexy Shiroma Miru (白間美瑠) is the gravure queen of Osaka, and may well blend into the bolder concepts of Korean Pop. Although she is from the 1st generation of NMB48, she is often overshadowed by her other members, Yamamoto Sayaka (山本彩) and the queen of fishing ex-member Watanabe Miyuki (渡辺美優紀). She eventually made a breakthrough after the single “Rashikunai (らしくない)”. Without a doubt, photobooks and model shoots are her go-to activities, where fans can see better appreciate her charms.

Takahashi Juri (高橋朱里)

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Group: AKB48 Team B
Date Of Birth: 03/10/1997
Place of Birth: Ibaraki Prefecture (茨城県)
Ranking Last Year: 11th

Takahashi Juri (高橋朱里) is the current Captain of Team B, and the fans perceive her to be the next General Manager to be (次期総監督). Although she is part of the 12th generation, her clear thinking and actions coupled with her love for the 48 group has endeared her closely to the fans. Her kind and friendly nature has also enabled her to interact well with many members even from other groups.

Kojima Mako (小嶋真子)

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Group: AKB48 Team K
Date Of Birth: 30/05/1997
Place of Birth: Tokyo Prefecture (東京都)
Ranking Last Year: 24th

The final member in our ranking is the smiling angel of AKB48, Kojima Mako (小嶋真子). Since her debut in the group under the 14th generation, she has been earmarked as the ace of the generation and also centre of the sub-unit Tentoumu chu! ( てんとうむCHU! ). Her motto of “Keep Smiling” has influenced her work. Without a doubt, her smile is the charm of Mako. Though she is not known for her singing, but she should be able to hold her own.

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