[INTERVIEW] BLANK2Y looks back to the first months of their career


BLANK2Y (블랭키) is a 9-member boy group under Keystone Entertainment. The members are DK, Louis, Donghyuk, U, Siwoo, Mikey, Youngbin, Sungjun and So Dam.

They first got introduced to their fans through a pre-debut weekly reality show in March 2022 and debuted 2 months later. Their debut track “Thumbs Up“ is included in their debut album “K2Y 1: Confidence“; the first of three albums planned in the K2Y series. This summer, they released Fuego, a track that attracted a lot of attention and counts 15 million views. The members answered KAvenyou’s questions about the experience they gained these past 6 months.

Q: Your catchphrase is “Welcome to the Blank”. Can you introduce yourselves by telling us what people should expect when they come “to the Blank”?

Sungjun: When the people come “to the blank”, we will first show them BLANK2Y’s confidence and passion, then we would slowly make them fall for us by showing various charms of the members. I’m also looking forward to the day we finally fill our blank spaces with various colors along with our fans!!

Q: Your debut album was titled K2Y 1: Confidence. What’s the one thing each member is the most confident about, and what do you do when you need to build up your confidence?

So Dam: I am confident about our vocals and performance. We work hard to maximize our colors and strong points through continuous vocal and group choreography practice. 

Q: You only debuted in 2022 so there are probably many things you’d still like to try. What concept would each of you like to try in the future?

DK: I would like to try a refreshing concept. Both of the songs, “Thumbs up” and “FUEGO”, have a powerful concept, but I would like to show the refreshing and cool side of BLANK2Y to the fans as well.

Q: Your MV for “FUEGO(Burn it up)” attracted many viewers and definitely led to a rise in popularity. Has there been a moment that made you think “Oh, we’re getting more known now”?

Louis: After our Uzbekistan tour, we reached Top 3 of the Billboard charts! I remember feeling extremely grateful for our fans when that happened.  

Q: When debuting, BLANK2Y had no leader which is rare in a K-Pop group. After sharing the leadership for several months, what are your thoughts on leadership?

Donghyuk: I’m sure all the members feel the same way, but I think we will assist and get along with the leader very well since all of us have experienced the responsibility and the burden of a leader.

Q: We guess that you’d like to meet with as many K2YWE as possible, even abroad. But if we talk about visiting a country as a tourist, what are the places you’d like to visit?

Mikey: I would love to visit every country, but among those I would really like to visit the USA! I believe the USA has a unique and interesting charm, so I would love to travel there and also let them know about the group BLANK2Y!

Q: Since the name BLANK2Y comes from the “key to open a blank space”, if you were given an empty room, what would you fill it up with?

U: I would like to fill it up with our memories with K2YWE, the love we received from the K2YWEs, and our charms that we want to show to the K2YWEs.

Q: Because you debuted this year, your story isn’t 100% blank anymore but there are still many chapters to write for you. What are your projects and wishes?

Youngbin: I want to give a sense of support and healing to the public through various music, our passion, and energy.

Q: We’re slowly nearing the end of 2022. Do you have a message to your fans who are getting ready to wrap 2022 up and to start a new year with BLANK2Y for the first time?

Sungjun: We debuted in 2022, and it seems crazy that it is already 2023!! This has been an awesome journey alongside K2YWE! Let the new years be filled with happy memories and positivity!! Thank you so much!!

KAvenyou would like the thank BLANK2Y and Keystone Entertainment for answering our questions.

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