Zelo Exclusive Fan Meeting in Singapore: “I am an independent artiste now”

Zelo recently held his dance workshop and fan meeting in Singapore. KAvenyou was also honoured to have a private interview with him before his fan meeting.

Zelo, also known as Choi Jun Hong, was one of the members in the Korean boy group B.A.P, which was formed in 2012 under TS Entertainment. They made their name with a number of popular songs such as ‘Warrior’, ‘No Mercy’ and ‘One Shot’, as well as went on world tours back in the day. However, the members eventually left the company when their contracts expired.

Zelo was given the nickname ‘Giant Baby’ by his fans because of his height and he was the youngest member in the group. Upon meeting him at Simply Live by Tin Box, he bowed and greeted us shyly before moving onto the stage to get ready for his interview. “Am I going to be alone here?” He asked as he sat on the chair. We looked around and asked him, “Is it okay? Or do you want us to be on the stage too? If it’s better for you?” He smiled and said, ‘Yeah you can be here, I think it’s better. If not it’s weird for me to be on stage alone’ as he laughed.

Here are the questions and answers from the interview: 

It has been a long time since you have last visited Singapore, how does it feel to be back here?

I’m so excited. Since Covid-19 started, I couldn’t visit other countries. (I) couldn’t visit other countries to see my fans, but finally, I came here. (I’m) so happy.

Are there any new places you have visited or food you have tried during your stay here this time?

When I (came) here with my members, we had chilli crab before, but I didn’t (get to) try yet. So I wanna try it while I am (still) staying here. Before I go, I wanna try everything, famous food of Singapore.

How often are you in contact with your group members? What do you all usually do when you guys meet up?

Every time, when it is possible, we (try to) meet. It is not often. Because they (are) all busy, I am busy too. So when we meet, we just drink or (having) coffee.

You are here as a teacher for a dance workshop. How did the idea of having a dance workshop come about?

Honestly I have been teaching dance to some dancers in Korea. I got the idea from my fans, some dancers, also from my staffs, (which is how) I decided to have a dance workshop tour. And I thought it will be a first time to have a dance tour as an artist, so I’m proud of myself and happy.

Do you have any tips/advice for anyone who likes dance and might be wanting to learn, but are afraid to do so?

I want them to enjoy the music first, and it’s not gonna be hard. Because when I make these choreographies, I thought about beginners (learners). I thought about if my fans were all beginner (level); as a beginner, what kind of dance (can they) dance? I thought about it a lot. I change it, and change it and change it, so they could enjoy, and hope they do (enjoy dancing).

What can people who signed up for your dance workshop in different countries look forward to?

Just the fact that we (are dancing) in one place, and enjoy the music together, is (something that) my fans (can) look forward to.

Let’s talk about your music and being a solo artist. What are your music inspirations/ influences?

Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, there are a lot of artists, a lot of them. When I get inspired, I (get) inspired randomly, there is no (specific person)

What are your goals you hope to achieve as a solo artiste?

Go to Billboard, and I want to take my members to Billboard too. I wanna be the best and I wanna help them (my members) too

Lastly, any message for your fans?

Thanks for coming here (today) to see me, and I’ve been waiting for this time, for a long time I’ve been waiting really, and I appreciate it. (Hope) you enjoy my show. yeah i’m so excited now. Thank you.

Fan Meeting

Zelo’s fan meeting was an intimate one, as he performed a few songs such as ‘Poser’, ‘She and Malibu’ and ‘Back On The Road’.

Zelo also held a QnA session with the fans, answering questions about his well-being, his future projects and the relationship he had with the other B.A.P members.

Zelo also took the chance to tell the fans that he had officially left the company, Uzurocks. He said, ‘I am a free man now!’

Zelo also talked about his plans on creating a song every month and come out with an album. However, with the recent leaving of the company, he said he is not sure what will happen next but he promised he will be back again with more songs and performances for his fans.

Check out more photos from the mini fanmeeting and interview here.

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