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Gaho - Fireworks

Gaho is a name many drama fans would recognize. Not as an actor, but as the voice behind some high-charting OSTs. He’s also a solo singer with a soothing voice that’s perfect to start 2022 in good spirits.

KAvenyou had the opportunity to ask him several questions, so you can now discover more about him.

KAvenyou : First of all, many people know you as an «OST singer». Can you introduce yourself more?

Gaho : I am a singer-songwriter who composes, writes lyrics and produces. I like to find my own colors and singing styles while trying out various genres including pop, R&B and rock. If you check out my song “Stay Here” or my current album “Fireworks” you can experience a lot of my songs in different genres.

K : As an OST singer you need to express the drama’s feelings, while as an artist you need to express yours. How do you jungle between both situations?

G : I think joining a project where the song is produced by someone else has an attraction that’s the opposite of writing my own songs. As a singer-songwriter, I do the music that I want to pursue as Gaho. For working on OSTs or joining an outside project, I think of it as me playing another character. For my own music that contains the thoughts that I want to express, I can work on it and I have an expectation on how to finalize it. On the other hand, an OST contains clear intentions and thoughts of other people who produced the song when you look at the melody, lyrics, and arrangement. So my number one priority is to sing the song according to the intentions of those people. Also, additionally, I try to add most of my vocal tones and flavors into the song. So since I can’t predict many of these parts, in some ways, it has its own brand of fun.

K : With the song 시작, you are THE voice of one of the main dramas of 2020. Did you feel any change in your career after this success?

G : Many people in Korea and abroad listened to my music and thanks to that even my YouTube subscribers grew to 650K. However, there wasn’t a big change in my career. When I reflect, I think I still have a lot of things that I lack so I am trying hard so even more people can listen to my music.

K : You released several covers for which you partnered with the band KAVE. You’re a soloist but did you ever consider joining a band or a group?

G : Of course. KAVE members are producers who can also play instruments so I would like to tour with KAVE. Like how Baek Yerin was active as a member of The Volunteers.

K : You’re not just a voice but you write songs too. What is the best compliment people could give you about your songs?

G : When I was checking comments on my recently released album, I read something that went along the lines of: Gaho has his own color of music, Gaho is a Korean musician that is pursuing his own musical style. The moment I read it, I pressed “like” (laughs).

K : Your album “Fireworks” includes 12 songs. These songs all express different feelings and instincts. What’s the general message of the album?

G : I feel like people seldomly have a moment when they feel overflowing emotions and touching feelings. So I hope people can feel that overflow of emotions and touching feelings. I think that those feelings are something you feel during special moments. I hope that my music can be a starting notion of young people who are going through tough times.

K : You compare youth to fireworks because both are over in the blink of an eye. What would you like to try or experiment before your youth is over?

G : I hope the world gets better and I can go abroad on a tour.

K : You’re an OST singer, would you consider Fireworks as the OST of your own youth?

G : If I think about it, I think this moment can be my shining moment filled with bursting lights. However, there are also continuous works of fireworks so I am going to keep trying hard for more moments when my life can shine. I hope you can look forward to it! Pink Walk!!

K : Your career is fairly recent, so you didn’t have that many opportunities to meet audiences, especially after your popularity increased. How do you keep up with your fans?

G : I’ve been checking YouTube and the comments on my cover songs and I’ve been checking the feedback from fans on Instagram, Twitter and online concerts. I hope I can feel the feedback from a live event soon.

K : You’re a Korean artist in a world that shows more and more interest towards Korea (for its music, dramas, movies, TV shows, etc.). Do you see it as an opportunity or do you feel a sense of responsibility instead?

G : I feel like K-pop became a genre in itself. Before the US Billboard had genres like pop, R&B, soul, rock and country music while UK and J-pop also had their own brand of national style, and now I think Kpop has become its own genre. I am grateful to those who went before me like BTS who allowed me to freely express my music in a new genre. I have the urge to work so I can be responsible for and proud of the music that I release.

K : Your album’s title track is “Right Now”. Right now, is there a message you would like us to convey to your fans?

I am 25 now. I think that the things that I am worried about and thinking about can be universally similar to all young people. So I hope that you can relate to the various emotions, worries, thoughts in this music and be comforted by them.

We’d like to thank Gaho for answering our questions.

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