[COVERAGE] GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence in Singapore

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GOT7 back in Singapore for the GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence

iGOT7s (or other wise known as ahgahse for short in Korean) were in for a treat last weekend when their boys were back in town for “GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence”. This marks the third time GOT7 has visited Singapore in the past year after wrapping up their successful full-fledged solo concert, “Fly”, in June.

GOT7 Fight Log jacksonintothemood


They unconventionally started their concert with two soothing ballad songs, where all fans were able to take a good look at the members. This is followed by an animated conversation between the members, who congratulated Jackson for the award that he has won in China. The backstage crew even prepared a surprise cake for him, and he invited all of the members and iGOT7s to blow out the candles together!

Bambam showcased his charms with rendition of “TT”

The members went on to pick out post-it notes that were written by the fans, which included requests like asking Bambam to dance to a girl group song. He danced to TT by Twice, challenging all the members to the bottle flip challenge (to which they all tried and succeeded); and the fans also got a chance to see Bambam and Yugyeom’s very own rendition of the PPAP dance! They also asked Jackson if he could kiss all the members, and he responded with a resounding “yes!”;  before running to each of the members and planting a huge kiss on their cheek!

The group also engaged in games such as “guess what’s in the box?”, and a game of charades with some lucky fans. The winner of the charades game won a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a group photo with the 7 boys!

GOT7 performed tunes such as “Fly”, “If You Do” and the highlight of the night was “Hard Carry” from their latest album, Flight Log: Turbulence.

All the members expressed their love for Singapore and would love to come back again. I guess this means iGOT7s have something to look forward to!

KAvenyou would like to extend our thanks to IME Singapore and Three Angles Group Pte Ltd for the media invitation to GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence in Singapore.

More photos can be found here.

Photography by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou

Article by: Cass @ KAvenyou

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