[Singapore Coverage] GOT7 promise to come back with better music, better albums and better… looking!

GOT7 was in Singapore last weekend for their GOT7 Eyes On You World Tour 2018. The 7 men appeared on the stage with black and white outfits as they performed ‘Hard Carry’ and ‘Out’.

GOT7 also had a mini wardrobe malfunction as one of the members, Yugyeom accidentally tore his pants in the middle of their performance!

GOT7 Eyes On You World Tour in Singapore

Apart from the usual dance performances and ballad songs, GOT7 concert also includes various VCRs and talking segments for the fans!

GOT7 also worked hard to prepare special unit stages, with BamBam and Jinyoung with ‘King’!

JB, Mark and Youngjae also hype up the stage with the song ‘Think About It’!

Last but not least, Jackson and Yugyeom with the song ‘Hunger’!

GOT7 Eyes On You World Tour in Singapore

Singapore GOT7 fans also prepared a special video to thank the boys for their hard work and never give up on making music for them. There is also a special banner at the end of the video, making the boys touched and thankful for Ahgase and their never-ending love!

As much as we hate to see the boys saying goodbye to us, they ended the concert with a few remix songs such as ‘Look’, ‘Go Higher’ and ‘Before the full moon rises.

GOT7 definitely pulled up a great concert for the fans who have been waiting for them ever since the last concert that they were here 2 years ago. Apart from the hit songs such as ‘Stop Stop It’, ‘Girls Girls Girls’, GOT7 included a lot of songs that were in their various albums, such as ‘My Home’, Begging on my knees, Teenager, Dreaming, You are’

GOT7 Eyes On You World Tour in Singapore

The boys also took the chance to thank the fans who waited for them to come back with better music, better GOT7!

Jinyoung: Hello! It’s been a long time but we are thankful to be here in Singapore for our world tour. We will definitely come back with better music and album. Please dont forget us. Thank you and I love you guys

JB: It’s been a long time since we came to Singapore. And we look as good as.. always! I love you too! Please look forward to our new album!

Bambam: I’m drunk tonight… drunk in love with you guys! Thank you so much and sorry that you guys have to wait for us. Thank you guys for coming. We will come back with better music, better concert and better..looking? I love you la!

Jackson: We will be flying back to Korea tonight to prepare for our album! We will come up with better music, we will never let you down and thank you so much!

Mark: We had a great time thanks to you guys. We were here 2 years ago and now we are back again. Are you guys going to come for our next concert? Get back home safe and wait for us okay? Thank you guys!

Yugyeom: We really miss you so much. Do you guys miss us? Thank you so much for waiting for us. We will work hard for our next album. Please look forward to us okay? Thank you so much. Really really thank you, we together forever!

Youngjae: Really thankful that I can come back to Singapore. My throat is really painful but I try my best for our concert today and I am really happy. We are happy to see you again!

GOT7 Eyes On You World Tour in Singapore

KAvenyou would like to thank One Production for the invite to GOT7 Eyes On You World Tour in Singapore!

Article by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou.com
Photography by: One Production

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