Jus2 goes all out at last showcase stop in Singapore

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Jus2 goes all out at last showcase stop in Singapore

The talented duo, Jus2, consisting of members JB and Yugyeom from popular K-pop group GOT7 were finally here in Singapore on 4th May 2019! Held at ZEPP@BIGBOX, the Jus2 <FOCUS> Premiere Showcase Tour in Singapore was the last stop of the seven-city tour. 

Known for their impeccable dance skills, honey-like vocals and sexy concept, the duo kicked off the show with ‘Long Black’ and ‘Drunk On You’, songs that earned screams from excited IGOT7s (affectionately known as Ahgases). 

As it was the last stop of Jus2’s showcase tour, the duo was ready to give their all. Yugyeom cutely expressed how he was feeling looking at the crowd that was there for them: “Really so hot, so many people and really so amazing!”

Jus2 goes all out at last showcase stop in Singapore

Special emcee, Mark from GOT7, then came on stage to host the show. The 2-hour showcase was filled with countless fanservice, fun games and amusing conversations between the members and Ahgases. Three lucky Ahgases also had the once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in an eye contact game with JB, Yugyeom and Mark. 

Other than performing their unit songs, the fans were in for a treat as JB and Yugyeom each performed their solo songs, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘From Now’. 

Knowing that Ahgases must have been missing the other GOT7 members as the last time they were here for a concert was back in August 2018, Jus2 also danced to ‘Hard Carry’ and ‘Never Ever’. 

Jus2 goes all out at last showcase stop in Singapore

The close relationship between the members and Ahgases has always been a well-known fact in the fandom and this time, JB’s ending comment managed to tug at the heartstrings of fans once again: “Through our music, I hope we can take stress out of your life and make it meaningful for you.” 

During the encore stage, Jus2 and Mark blew the roof off with ‘Go Higher’ and even spontaneously sprayed water on each other and the fans to get everyone hyped up. The showcase ended with Jus2 performing their title song ‘Focus On Me’. 

Just when everyone thought the showcase was over, they surprised fans with a video from all seven members of GOT7. They told fans that it will not be long before they can see each other again and that they will return with better performances, albums and tours. 

Jus2 goes all out at last showcase stop in Singapore

Jus2 indeed kept true to their words of making the showcase as fun, memorable and enjoyable as possible for the fans, so much so that it felt like a concert instead!

Article by: Wei Yin @ KAvenyou
Official Photos: Live Nation Singapore

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