GOT7 concludes Europe concerts with a hot Parisian night

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GOT7 concludes Europe concerts with a hot Parisian night

Though GOT7 already are experienced with world tours, their on-going tour was their first time in Europe. 

Indeed, the boys had never been to Europe as a group. With sold-out concerts in Moscow, Berlin and Paris, it was a successful experience. They concluded the Europe leg of the tour at Le Zénith, in Paris on June 10th, organised by MyMusicTaste.

Despite the forecasted rain, thunderstorm and hail, fans were already waiting in front of the venue the day before the concert. Luckily for them, the weather has been mild and they safely could wait for the doors to open. But this hot weather, added to a venue without AC, turned the night into a very hot one.

The concert opened on “Hard Carry” – one of the group’s hit songs. A sure way to get everyone in the mood for a huge party right from the first few beats. After the first three songs, however, the members were already taking their jacket off, saying they usually don’t do it but the temperatures made them do. GOT7’s energetic dancing and the strong spotlights of the large-scale concert probably didn’t help either.

GOT7 concludes Europe concerts with a hot Parisian night

The heat didn’t prevent everyone from having a great evening, to the point that Mark got affraid that the audience, when stomping on the floor, would make the stage crumble. Jackson then mentionned that if it crumbles, they’ll have to pay for it.

The setlist included leader JB’s self-composed song “Eyes On You”, which is also the name of the tour. And GOT7 does keep an eye on their fans. They did notice and comment the fanprojects.
Including a green balloons event on “You are”, were fans threw the balloons in the air when the lyrics said “It’s a beautiful sky”.

The perfectly-timed event made JB smile sweetly when he saw it. He commented during his ending ment : “It gives me an even better reason for being a singer. Thanks for creating tonight a memory that I’ll never be able to forget […] It really does give me a motivation and an incentive to release albums and keep working as a singer. And of course, it is important to watch the concert. But what really touched me is wtatching you singing with us, and feel the same feelings as we do […] And while gathering the energy you gave us today, as well as your expectations regarding our next album, we’ll really do our best to make better songs and be able to come back”.  

GOT7 concludes Europe concerts with a hot Parisian night

Bambam especially enjoyed the banner project, with a message that said “Let’s make history together”. He later said “Every day, we make history. Every day ! GOT7 and all you guys here… We are the legends, you know”.

Besides this sweet connexion between GOT and their ahgase fans, the members were also happy to visit the city of Paris. Jackson had wanted to go to Paris for a long time. “Back then I was a fencing champion, and I couldn’t come at that time. And I kept saying to myself, I really really have to go to Paris. And now I’m really in front of you, but with a different identity. Today I am in front of you as a singer. I love GOT7. Do you? Why? Because it is life” (he said the last part in french)

GOT7 concludes Europe concerts with a hot Parisian night

The concert in Paris coincidently happened on the same day as the ticketting for the concert in Singapore, that will happen on August, 4th at Zepp Big Box.


Article by Céline | Photos by Soizic Cistac

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2 thoughts on “GOT7 concludes Europe concerts with a hot Parisian night”

  1. It must have been an amazing experience ? So proud of them ? Thanks for sharing this, just a detail, JB’s self composed song name is “Look”, Eyes on You it’s the name of the album. Regards from Bolivia ?

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