[COVERAGE] Bai An (白安) connects with fans through music at her mini live showcase in Singapore

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Bai An (白安) connects with fans through music at her live showcase in Singapore

Singapore – In town for the promotions of her second album, 接下來是什麼(What’s Next?), Bai An (白安) held a mini live showcase at Switch, Timbre on 24th January 2015. The showcase was nothing fanciful and the focus of the showcase was back to just her music. It was a rather casual showcase, as fans just relaxed and enjoyed her music.

Accompanied by her two musicians, Kenny Hsiao and Li Jian Qing, Bai An sang a total of 11 songs in the one and half hour long showcase. Apart from the hits like 接下來是什麼, 半調子人生 and 是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你, fans also got a chance to listen to the songs which were not highly promoted, including one of her personal favourites, 我也很想成為他.  She also did a rearrangement of her songs, and fans had the privilege of listening to an acoustic version of對於錯 and a newly arranged version of 麥田捕手.

Bai An also talked about the back story of her songs, sharing that 若你真的有想過 is a song which encourages people to have more courage. She said, “Often, when we approach our friends for advice, what we want is not an answer. What we want is for our friends to tell us the answer that we already have. We would be more firm when we hear that answer, but if we were braver, we already have the answer deep in our hearts.”

The last song for the day was Bird, a song which she had written when she was 17. When singing this song, she lamented that 17 is an age that is possibly filled with a lot of troubles and uncertainties. She then added on, “But you will realize, the troubles you have at 17 are not really troubles.”
While there were minor hiccups during the event, these glitches were quickly resolved and did not affect the overall performance. Instead, they had given more flavour to the showcase. When one of the guitar strings broke and they didn’t have extra strings, Bai An quipped, “This is the first time in all my performances that we have a broken guitar string! It probably can be counted as a special performance?”

A post-event autograph session was held for fans who had missed the opportunity to get their albums signed at the autograph session the day before.

Many thanks to Rock Records Singapore for the coverage opportunity!

View more photos here:  >>Click here<<
[VIDEO] 白安 Ann – 《寻找精灵》 @ 《接下来是什么 What’s Next》 新加坡 Mini LIVE

Photography by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou
Article by Lauren @ KAvenyou

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