[COVERAGE] Rainie Yang transformed into Alan Tam at her Singapore Showcase?

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Singapore – In conjunction with the promotions of her new album, A Tale of Two Rainie (雙丞戲), Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) held an exclusive showcase for Singtel AMP-ed subscribers at Shanghai Dolly on 21st March 2015. Throughout the showcase, Rainie had many times drawn laughter from her fans with her witty jokes and rather successful attempts at speaking with a Singaporean accent.

Donned in a black dress and blue hair, the showcase promptly started as Rainie performed one of her many hit songs, 《雨愛》.

After greeting her fans and checking that everyone was doing well, Rainie confessed that she wasn’t in her best state as she had developed some phlegm since she had only just eaten some pandan cake to curb her hunger. She did a word play on the word ‘Tan’ (which is the Chinese for phlegm) and joked, “我都變成譚詠麟了!” It was most fortunate that her phlegm had dispelled towards the end of the showcase.

Following her performance of 《点水》, she shared that she was afraid that the Singapore audience might have seen her Malaysian showcase and would find it boring if she sang the same songs. She had hence specially prepared 《想幸福的人》 for the Singapore audience, a song which she now rarely sings outside of concerts.

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Next up was an unplugged performance of 《其實我們都值得幸福》 and 《一小節休息》. Fans were then given a chance to ask Rainie about anything they were curious about, and Rainie’s entertaining and clever answers had fans breaking out in laughter.

The showcase approached the end almost too quickly as Rainie sang 《下個轉彎是你嗎》 and 《我想愛》, the theme songs of her latest drama, Love at Second Sight.

To the delight of fans, Rainie also felt that she hadn’t sung enough and had spontaneously suggested singing another song. Although the list of available instrumental tracks didn’t have one that she felt like singing, she eventually gave in to the requests of fans and sang her classic hit, 《曖昧》.

Of course, fans were still not ready to let Rainie go. Upon the constant requests and persuasion from fans, Rainie eventually gave in and sung without musical accompaniment the chorus of 《失忆的金魚》, 《怕》 and 《帶我走》. She jokingly exclaimed, “新加坡的粉絲很難應付! 你們都很想控制我!”.

The showcase finally came to a close with Rainie promising that she would try to return soon with a concert.

Closely followed by an autograph session on the very next day at Compass Point, the fans fully occupied the atrium area an hour before the start of the autograph session. Apart from the atrium, fans were also seen taking up the different stories in the shopping mall all the way from the ground level to the forth.

With a booth set-up beside the stage, 3 versions of album were sold including the 2 preorder versions. The queue to purchase was on-going as boxes of albums arrived continuously to replenish the stock.

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Rainie was warmly welcoming with deafening cheers and applause as she made her way to the center stage and began with two of her hit tracks in her latest album –  《点水》 and  《其实我们值得幸福》. The crowd from the other stories made their way to the ground level after the performance and formed the never-ending queue which stretched from the stage to on of the mall entrances. The end of the queue was only seen nearly the second hour since the commencement of the autograph session.

KAvenyou would like to thank Universal Music Singapore Regional for the invite to Rainie Yang’s 雙丞戲 showcase and autograph session. Click here to view the photos taken!

 Article and Photography by XUAN LIN & LAUREN @ KAvenyou.com


杨丞琳 《双丞戏》 新加坡音乐会 – 《雨爱》《点水》《想幸福的人》| Rainie Yang “A Tale of Two Rainie” Singapore Showcase

杨丞琳 Rainie Yang 《点水》 双丞戏 新加坡签唱会 A Tale of Two Rainie Singapore Autograph Session

杨丞琳 Rainie Yang 《其实我们值得幸福》 双丞戏 新加坡签唱会 A Tale of Two Rainie Singapore Autograph Session

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