[COVERAGE] Della Ding (丁噹) shares her thoughts on her breakthroughs in 2015 as the Black Swan from The Masked Singer


Singapore – The renowned Queen of Chinese drama OST and matchmaker during her own concerts, Della Ding (丁噹) made a short stopover in Singapore after her concert in Genting, Malaysia. Apart from an autograph session held at Bugis Junction on 20th December, Della sat down for a media interview to share more on her recent activities.

During the street concert earlier in the year with Magic Power and Jia Jia, Della shocked everyone with her changed appearance. The recent trip is not an exception either. Della’s appearance is significantly enhanced with more confidence and charisma. Read on to find out why.

Many told Della that she has lost a lot of weight each time they saw her after a period of time. She explained that it wasn’t so much difference on the body mass but instead, it was the body fats index that were reduced. Della is working hard on fulfilling her own expectations of her own appearance and wishes to better present her feminine side together with the concert outfits. Della never fears to challenge the limits of the design of her concert outfits. When asked about the extent of the breakthrough this time, she answered that it will be translucency infused with skin colored mesh and lace material.

Moving onto her concert tour, “The First Day to say I Love You” in Singapore will be held on 27th February 2016. Click here for more event details.

There are four prominent phases of emotions in every relationship – Joy, Anger, Sorrow and Happiness. Della will be expressing and defining these emotions through her songs: To learn how to love, to learn how to break-up, to learn how to be alone and to learn how to say I Love You. There might be someone who was attending the concert in the emotional state as per Della is expressing, they are the people who can relate best. Learning to be alone is the phase that was the toughest for Della. Spending all the years around her family and friends, Della had to leave her hometown for a new city to pursue her dreams. That was when she had to adapt to a whole new environment by herself. Through her performance, Della hopes to pass on courage and positivity to the audiences.

Fans can look forward to the elements of Black Swan infused to the concert, alongside with extended stage for Della to get up-close with her fans. Apart from the first ever extended stage, there will be mid-air performances too. Della exclaimed that she doesn’t have a fear of heights but however, being lifted into mid-air in high heels still made her nervous.


2015 was a year with outstanding breakthroughs for Della with her skyrocketed popularity ever since she stood on the stage of “The Masked Singer” as the renowned Black Swan. Well known for her drama OST for numerous Chinese and Taiwanese drama series, Della would like to reintroduce herself to the audience through “The Masked Singer”

All the unexpected situations during the performances were inevitable, but it was also what made Della drown in extreme insecurity overflowing with fear and anxiety. Yet behind the mask of every singer, no one knew who they were but they could see every single one of the audience clearly. The mask made her feel at ease and all her fears eliminated. She felt that she ‘reborn’ on the stage and gave thanks for all the recognition she has received. So what has she gained from “The Masked Singer”? – “Confidence to express herself to her heart’s content” she said.


What’s up in 2016? Della revealed that her new album is tentatively set to be released in March 2016. Fans can expect a well-mixed variety of genres, sufficient enough to introduce you to another side of Della you’ve never seen before!

Having once stayed in Singapore for 2 months for a musical, Della felt good to be back in Singapore. She jogged from Orchard to the Esplanade, to Marina Bay and then to Gardens By The Bay. Despite only two hours of sleep before making her way to Singapore from Malaysia, Della proceeded to her autograph session right after her arrival. Don’t miss your chance to catch Della in Singapore in February, get your tickets to “The First Day to say I Love You” in Singapore now!


Special thanks to Rock Records (Singapore) for the media invitation.

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