[COVERAGE] Pets Tseng talks about her 7 years wait to her debut solo album


Pets Tseng: “不管演戲或唱歌, 我就是我.”

26 February 2015, Singapore – While it may be Pets Tseng’s (曾沛慈) third visit to Singapore, it is her first time being here as a singer to promote her debut album 《我是曾沛慈》. Although she might have been in the industry for a good seven years, Pets only made her debut as a singer late last year.

She made her entrance to showbiz through the second season of the singing competition 超級星光大道, and ventured into acting before she finally regained her identity as a singer. Through the 14 tracks in her first solo album, all of which starkly different in style, Pets wants to let fans get to know her singer identity better after listening to her stories and experiences over the seven years.

It might be because this is the first leg of her overseas promotions, or perhaps it was that this was her first schedule after the Lunar New Year, or maybe that’s just the way she is, but Pets was clearly very energetic and excited to be in Singapore. She feels that as a singer, the most meaningful form of promotion would be singing to her fans at her own concert or showcase. It was hence especially meaningful for her to be able to hold a mini showcase during her first visit to Singapore as a singer.

Of course, one of the reasons for her excitement is that Singapore is the hometown of her idol, Stefanie Sun. Upon the mention of Stefanie Sun, Pets immediately became a little fan girl, saying excitedly, “我竟然可以來到我偶像的故鄉開演唱會!” She further revealed the fan girl in her when she said that she wants to tag Stefanie Sun on Facebook now that she is in Singapore, and that she would likely faint if she got to meet Stefanie Sun, “我碰到她我可能會昏倒!

Another reason why she felt Singapore was a place close to her heart was because of her younger sister who is working in Singapore. During this promotional trip, she hopes to be able to spend some quality time and catch up with her sister over a meal and a ride on the Singapore Flyer.

Having risen to fame because of her roles in her dramas, it doesn’t matter to her whether she was viewed as an actor or a singer. “我接受大家以任何的形式看待我, 可是我會不厭其煩的告訴大家, 我就是曾沛慈. 不管演戲或唱歌, 我就是我.

Apart from acting and hosting, Pets is also open to other options such as musicals or being a DJ. Although it is hard to equate her with dancing at the moment, she actually wants to try being a ‘唱跳歌手, and had even asked Spexial to teach her to dance.

As a message to the fans in Singapore, Pets said, “不管新加坡的朋友們是以戲劇的關係認識曾沛慈, 或者是這次以 我是曾沛慈這張專輯來認識曾沛慈都沒有關係, 因為對我來說新加坡永遠都會是一個我會想很快地跟大家說我們下次見哦!’的地方. 新加坡的朋友們, 謝謝你們. 我終於可以來這邊唱歌給你們聽. 請一起跟我大聲地唱出來!

On another note, Pet’s flight was delayed and the schedule was slightly pushed back. Pets transformed into a “Red Packet Girl (红包少女)” after she politely rejected to be nicknamed “Red Packet Auntie (红包婆)” and distributed to the friends of media autographed red packets with well wishes, as well as pineapple tarts specially brought from Taiwan. Make a guess, what is inside the red packets!

Article by LAUREN @ KAvenyou.com, Photography by XUAN LIN @ KAvenyou.com

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