[INTERVIEW] Bai An is Not the Girl She Appears to Be

Bai An is Not the Girl She Appears to Be

Largely known for her unique enunciation, Taiwanese singer Bai An (白安) wants to tell everyone what is she wants to do next, with the release of her second album, 接下來是什麼 (What’s next?).
In the one and a half years of preparation for this album, Bai An had toured and performed at many cities alongside Li ZongSheng (李宗盛), whom she coins as her “father in music”. While performing at these cities, she had given a lot of thought to what kind of songs she would want to make and sing next.

Bai An shared that the preparation of the second album was more complicated than that of the first. When she prepared for her first album, she only had to focus on one thing – making music. While preparing for the second album, there was an additional pressure stemming from the expectations of people. She said, “They will have their own impression of you, but that may not be what you imagine yourself to be, and it may not be what I want to do next.”

As she puts it, “The first album is to let people know you. The second one is to more clearly tell everyone what exactly it is that you would like to do. Otherwise, people would have a blur impression of you and there would be a lot of comparisons.”

Evidently, Bai An had successfully achieved what she set out to do. The release of her second album had given people a clearer idea of who Bai An is. When she had released her first album, there were a lot of comments that said she sounded like Stefanie Sun. With the release of the second album, these comments were no longer heard.

She also revealed that people had told her that when they listen to her singing, it is as if she has a calm appearance but is actually rather agitated on the inside, and that was rather close to how she really is like.

Indeed, Bai An is not the kind of girl she appears to be. When asked if it was a challenging decision to dye her hair pink for the second album, she simply stated that “To me, it’s not a challenge. It’s just hair.” She further shared that it would usually be unlikely to see pink on her, and that she preferred monochrome colours.


She further shared that she is the kind of the person who does not dream about weddings and bridal dresses. She said, “I have never had thoughts about being a princess, not even when I was young. Even when I get married, I might not even have a wedding.”

When talking about her experience of having met a flasher on New Year’s Day, Bai An said that she did not have much of a reaction and just calmly walked away. She shared that she was neither shocked nor frightened, because to her, it was “just another organ”.

Bai An’s (白安) second album, 接下來是什麼 , is now available in stores island-wide.

Many thanks to Rock Records for extending the invitation to Bai An’s album promotions in Singapore.

Photography by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou
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