[COVERAGE] Gems of B'in Music – Magic Power (魔幻力量), Della (丁噹) and Jia Jia (家家) wows crowd at Ngee Ann City


Amidst the buzz at Orchard Road on a Sunday night on 12th April 2015, three groups of artists, Magic Power, Jia Jia and Della Ding Dang, were rocking the crowd at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza with their music and performances. The three groups of artists from B’in music were in town for a free 我相信醉心龙虎榜街头爆唱会 concert, which lasted for about three hours, with each group of artist performing for one hour each.


Fans were in line for the concert from as early as 7a.m, and although it was pouring in the afternoon during the rehearsals, it did not deter the growing crowd. It was most fortunate that the skies cleared in time for the concert, and the night started promptly at 6.30 p.m, with Taiwanese band Magic Power taking the stage and gearing the crowd up for an amazing night of music with Fighting For Love (戰神), 感覺犯, 空中飛人 and 不按牌理出牌.

Not only was the atmosphere raised with their series of high songs, their music and performance had also attracted more people as the crowd grew steadily as shoppers and passers-by stopped to watch their performance. After greeting the crowd, they performed I Still Love You (我還是愛著你) and Secretly (偷偷的), two of the slower songs from their new album. They had the crowd waving along their lightsticks and phone flashlights along to the songs, creating an amazing sight for all.

They then followed with two of their many drama OSTs,  Rainbow Blackhole (彩虹黑洞) and Who Am I (我是誰我是誰我是誰). Magic Power brought the atmosphere up to a peak again as they concluded their segment of the performance with their theme song – Our Homeground (我們的主場, Roar (吼), Superhero (超级英雄) and Marksmen (射手), where they even got the large crowd dancing along to their iconic Marksmen dance (射手舞).


Following the amazing hour-long performances by Magic Power which got the crowd going, Jia Jia took over the stage with two of her most popular songs, 忘不記 and 填空. After which was a series of faster-paced songs, 花火祭 and 巧克力. She even sang Mayday’s 戀愛-ing, a song which was familiar to all in the crowd and the entire Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza instantly turned into an open-air KTV for all.

She then performed 快樂快了, a song written by Singapore’s homegrown talent Tanya Chua. Finally, Jia Jia concluded her performance with three of her hit songs from various popular Taiwanese drama – 我沒資格, 塵埃 and 命運. While Jia Jia had managed to impress with her vocals, it was definitely a pity that she had many times forgotten the lyrics to her songs, and that she hadn’t managed to sustain the high atmosphere which Magic Power ended their performance on. In contrast with the mood during Magic Power’s performance, the mood during Jia Jia’s performance was evidently a lot calmer.

Della and her explosive charisma on staga

As the final performer, Della Ding Dang, started her performance segment with her classic 我是一隻小小鳥, the crowd began gathering and the atmosphere once again warmed up to her very powerful vocals. Della flaunts her abs with the stage outfit and left many surprised at her sudden weight loss since her previous visit for Spring Wave.

After a series of her hit songs from over the years, 沒那麽愛你, 有一種勇氣叫放棄 and 猜不透, Della got the crowd screaming and jumping to her dance moves as she performed the next two songs, 夜貓 and 野獸. She further drove up the highness and enthusiasm of the crowd with the next song, 我就是喜歡這樣.

As the queen of drama OSTs, Della’s performance was of course packed with OSTs which were familiar to many within the crowd. Following her performance of 幸福的可能, ending theme song of drama “媽,親一下”, she concluded her hour long segment with two of her most popular drama OSTs, 手掌心, theme song of drama “蘭陵王”, and her super hit 我愛他, theme song of “下一站幸福”.

Della making her heartfelt speech shortly before the birthday surprise

All three groups of performers were invited back on stage as they got together to sing a birthday song for Della – who was kept in the dark while presenting her ending speech. Leader of Magic Power, Kai Kai, secretly left the main stage in the midst of Della’s speech to get the birthday cake – which was presented  by Kai Kai in awkwardly and GaGa jokingly told him to save the kneeling for his proposal in future. Della dedicated her birthday wishes to Jia Jia’s upcoming solo concert and Magic Power’s 2nd arena tour at Kaohsiung Arena in July. The night closed on a high as the three groups of artists performed the final song, Mayday’s 傷心的人別聽慢歌.


Fans were in for a treat with the special autograph session held after the concert for Magic Power’s latest album “Fighting For Love” which lasted for approximately an hour before the members head off for the favorite Black Pepper Crab.

(L-R) Kai Kai, Gu Gu, Ting Ting, Ga Ga, Lei Bao, Ah Siang.

EXTRA – Magic Power’s 2nd [OURS’] concert at Kaohsiung Arena on 18th July 2015 was successfully sold out after the first ticket clearance at 1pm at the day of ticket sales on 18th April 2015. The demand for an additional day were seemingly significant as many did not manage to grab their tickets to the concert. Till date, no official announcement were made regarding the additional show.

Article and Photography by Xuan Lin and Lauren @ KAvenyou.

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