[COVERAGE] Alien (黃鴻升) talks about his 3 buckets of water and upcoming plans in 2016

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Singapore – Widely known as Xiao Gui (小鬼), Alien Huang (黃鴻升) stopped by Singapore to promote his newly released 4th album by the title “Alien”. Dressed in perfect 60’s vintage carrying a tinge of retro, Alien met the media in a striking pink top with vintage prints and a sleek side-parting hairstyle. His fashion inspiration came from a recent trip to France for a fashion event.

Starting off with his 4th album with the concept of reconstructing after destruction (破坏重组), Alien expressed that the break-through this time was self-composing all 10 songs in the album. Composing the songs himself gave him the ability to bring out the essence of the song and he could relate better too. By doing so, he believes that such participation in the album production is a good practice unlike the typical way of having the company planned it all out for the singers. In this case, Alien decides the direction and concept of the album as a singer-songwriter himself.


Naming the album after his name for the 4th album is a common practise by newcomers for their debut album. So why did Alien only do it now? Alien answered that the 4th album is a new beginning for him, a new start of a new journey. He devoted all that he wanted to express in the album and will always keep the eager learning attitude like a newcomer.

Alien’s motto in life is to never lose out in thoughts. As such, he never wanted to be restrained by the standard rules of the current society. In short, not to be ‘framed’ up by what others think you should be. “You should decide yourself instead of letting others decide how you should live your life”, Alien said. This certainly does not mean breaking rules but instead, improvising the existing ones.

One of the popular comments Alien has received was that the fans loved his cutesy hairstyle with bangs that goes by the name of “meh meh hairstyle”. “It doesn’t make sense to be wearing vintage retro style with a cute hairstyle, it doesn’t make any sense at all.” he said. Just because his cute image was greatly welcomed didn’t mean that he should stay put as it is forever. It is pretty much about striving to be a better him and constantly exploring new ideas.


Alien and his 3 buckets of water: Singing, Acting and Hosting.
He hopes that among the 3 buckets, 1 bucket will be full at least. Alien mentioned that his long-term goal is acting without hesitant, hence hopes that the bucket for acting will be full first. He personally enjoys the spiritual fulfilment attained by acting despite the levels of stress and pressure present, he likes being absorbed in the state of mind of the role. Also during acting that he could do things and live the lifestyle of the role – that he couldn’t if he was himself.

When asked if he was ever worried that the fans couldn’t accept the bold and daring style, he emphasized on ‘never losing out in terms of thoughts’ again. “Someone must always be the first, isn’t it?” he humorously answered. The usual practice consists of a fixed number of outfits purchased by the company for the singer to be worn during the album promotional activities. Alien is breaking the tradition by matching his own outfits himself, along with the tips and knowledge that was imparted to him when he was working with a Korean stylist awhile back. Alien describes outfit matching similar as cooking – match the given ingredients to create different dishes of different tastes. That was his mindset as he get his hands onto the art of clothes matching from his wardrobe.

Upcoming plans in 2016 include the airing of two movies and a concert in Taiwan tentatively set around April to May. Following the search of inspiration and concept for his 5th album. Alien happily mentioned that he will be meeting his fans again around the last quarter of 2016 after the next album is released. He also mentioned that he will temporarily stop hosting for the next few years and focus on singing and acting.


Special thanks to Rock Records (Singapore) for the media invite.
Photography and Article by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou.com

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