[Wanderlust Wednesday] Get Chicky at Se7en's Yeolbong!


Wasssup people! Welcome back to Wanderlust Wednesday! This time, we are bringing you along to EAT! ^^ And what are we eating? Of course it will be everyone’s favourite (except if you are vegetarian ;x), chicken! 닭 (dalk) in Korean.

When I made my first visit to South Korea in 2013, one of the places on my to-go list is Se7en’s restaurant. Honestly, I am not really a YG or Se7en’s fan, my main purpose was to try the braised chicken stew that everyone was raving about (at that time) and also to see if I can spot any YG dancers kekeke!

Se7en’s chicken restaurant is called Yeolbong Jjimdak 열봉찜닭, in Mandarin it is known as Lie Feng (烈凰).  Jjimdak (찜닭: steamed/boiled chicken) originated from the city of Andong, located in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, is made with chicken, vegetables and then marinated in ganjang (간장: Korean soy sauce) based sauce. Therefore, there’s a chain restaurant by the name of Andong Jjimdak 안동찜닭 that literally means “steam chicken of Andong!

They have various branches of Yeolbong Jjimdak in Seoul, so it is really convenient and easy for foreigners like us to find one that is nearby our hotel/guesthouse. The one that I went to was at Ehwa University Station! It was located on the 2nd floor. There is a huge signage outside so there is no way you would miss it!

IMG_0092Se7en’s standee is there to welcome you XD

What is on the menu?
Apparently they only have braised chicken stew! Which consists of chicken, potatoes, carrots and glass noodles!

They have different sizes of the braised chicken stew (small, medium and large) so if you are coming in a group of 3 or 4, you can opt for the medium size! And if you are going with groups that are more than 5, you can opt for the large sized one!

You also can get to choose the spice level, from none to very spicy. I still remember I went for the mild spicy level and it was just right! So if you love spicy food, try the more spicy ones! Beware! Because I heard it is really spicy ;x

And you can choose the thickness (thick or thin) of the glass noodles too!


YG fans would definitely love the restaurant because the walls are covered with photos and posters of the YG family! Such as Big Bang, 2NE1 and Gummy! And also SHINEE’s Onew! Most of the photos were taken when they visited the restaurant! 🙂

The price of the food is affordable, ranging from 20,000 won – 40 000 won, depending on the size you order (Around 25 SGD – 45 SGD). It will be best if you come in groups, because the more the merrier! kekeke!




With the news of Se7en leaving YG Entertainment, I’m sure it is real sad news for Se7en’s fans. Please cheer up! Hopefully this post will help you a little, be sure to visit Yeolbong, because who knows! Se7en or other celebrities might be there too! ^^;

Do comment and let us know if there are any cafes / restaurants you would like to go or to recommend us! 😉

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