Korea's Legendary Hip-Hop Group EPIK HIGH to Ignite the Stage with their 1st Hong Kong Concert

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“EPIK HIGH CONCERT PARADE: HONG KONG” on April 19, 2015 (Sun) at Rotunda 3, KITEC!

Delivering an Unprecedented Concert Experience to All Music Lovers in HK by Showcasing their Outstanding Rapping & Performance Skill!


Korea’s legendary hip-hop group EPIK HIGH, renowned for their unique music style and poetic lyrics, is set to ignite the stage at Rotunda 3, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) with their first concert in Hong Kong “EPIK HIGH CONCERT PARADE: HONG KONG” on April 19, 2015 (Sunday).

EPIK HIGH, formed by three versatile singer-songwriters, namely Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, opened a new chapter of hip-hop in Korea since their debut in 2001. They have been composing and writing most of their hits and recently they have made remarkable success with their chart-topping 8th album “SHOEBOX” in last October which all songs were composed and written by the members of EPIK HIGH. They have been touring since then, with the tickets of the first two shows of their Asia tour promptly sold out and a total of 17 shows were held in 11 cities in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. The hype will go on in Hong Kong as EPIK HIGH will be holding their first ever concert in Hong Kong and present their stylish music to all music lovers in town!

EPIK HIGH emerged as a well known singer-song writers which cover a wide range of genres. From their debut, every new singles and albums such as “Fly“, “Map The Soul“, and recently released song “Happen Ending” and “Born Haters“, always taken a great step towards the global music scene by showing their unique perception of music, and continually received public attention for their literary lyrics. Their recent album “SHOEBOX” has been ranked no.1 on the iTunes chart in 7 countries over the world – Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Vietnam – and definitely dominated all over the domestic chart in the same day of the album released. It also ranked No.1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart, making EPIK HIGH the first ever Korean hip-hop group to top the chart. The MV of the title song “Born Haters” reached over 1,000,000 views on YouTube on the first day of release. As EPIK HIGH has won numerous domestic music awards since their debut, the group had starred in multiple year-end awards of 2014 in Korea, and finally won again the “Best Rap Performance” in Mnet Asia Music Award 2014 to wrap up the year. Proving their artistic skills in music, EPIK HIGH have been recognized by many other musicians and have a diverse fan base around the globe.

Tablo is a gifted rapper, singer, lyricist and composer. His outstanding performance in his solo album “Fever’s End” has gained overwhelming responses and was selected as the “Album of the Year for 2011” by Hiphopplaya.com. Apart from his music talent, he has gained huge popularity by appearing in variety show “Return of Superman” with his beloved daughter Haru. The fatherly figure of Tablo and also his intimate interactions with Haru has attracted the eyeballs of millions of audience and proved the all-rounded talent of Tablo.
Mithra Jin, the rapper and lyricist of EPIK HIGH, is regarded as the mastermind of EPIK HIGH. He has been contributing to the success of the group and widely captured the hearts of fans with his literary lyrics.
DJ Tukutz is the DJ of EPIK HIGH. He is one of the best DJs in Seoul with extensive live show experience. He has been invited to be the DJ in Japan at raves, American radio shows, live events and clubs around Boston and NYC before joining EPIK HIGH.

Representatives from the concert organizers, including ELF ASIA and Live Nation Lushington (Hong Kong) commented, “EPIK HIGH is one of the best hip-hop artists in the world and we are impressed by their talents and stylish music. We always hope to present different styles of music to audiences in Hong Kong. We are thrilled to be partnering with EPIK HIGH and we believe that they will present a high-energy concert with their explosive performances, making the concert an unique experience that all music lovers should not miss.”

Ticketing details of “EPIK HIGH CONCERT PARADE: HONG KONG” will be released shortly.

Citibank is the exclusive priority booking service provider of the event. Asiana Airlines is the official airlines of the event.

ELF ASIA and Live Nation Lushington (Hong Kong) are the promoters of “EPIK HIGH CONCERT PARADE: HONG KONG”.

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