[Swag Check] Beat the bad hair days with Running Man caps!

26 February 2015, Singapore – Hello people! Welcome back to Swag Check Thursday!  Happy Chinese New Year, it’s 8th day of the Lunar New Year. We will be introducing interesting fashion labels, news and tips of and from your favourite idols on every Thursday!

Having a bad hair day? Lazy to style your hair? Fret not! There is always another alternative to look good and fashionable. Caps “disguise” your bad hair days and laziness while still looking cool and fashionable! Celebrities and idols are wearing caps every now and then. It is very common to see celebrities and idols wearing a cap these days. Celebrities and idols are humans too, so I believe they have their bad hair days too (I know they will still look good even on their bad hair days).

As an avid collector of caps, let me show you some of the interesting caps that were worn by some of the Running Man members. It is not uncommon to see the casts with caps since they were always filmed spotting out-of-bed looks.

NBA’s CHO.2 Cap Series

song-ji-hyo-nbasongjihyo_nbaMonday Couple’s Song Ji Hyo is often seen wearing a cap during the Running Man filming, and the actress had collaborated with NBA, and released her own cap series since 2014. The “CHO.2” cap series had caught many fans’ eyes as Song Ji Hyo had worn her cap series on both “Running Man” and her previous drama “Emergency Couple”.

New Era’s Iron Man 3 Cap 


ironman3 warmachinecap

Ha Dong Hoon a.k.a HAHA wore the Iron Man 3 cap during ‘Running Man’ Episodes 147 and 150. Ever since HAHA wore the Iron Man cap, the cap had gathered strong interests and many fans of Running Man went looking for the Iron Man cap. The Iron Man 3 cap are by New Era and from Marvel Comics Big Face 59Fifty collections. New Era also had War Machine and Iron Patriot edition for the Marvel comics fans.

New Era’s Star Wars StormTrooper CapRM195-00123

stormtrooperc3po r2d2

This Star Wars StormTrooper cap was seen on ‘The Commander’ Kim Jong Kook during ‘Running Man’ Episode 195. The StromTrooper cap is by New Era and from Star Wars Big Face 59Fifty collections. New Era also had the C3PO and R2D2 versions for the Star Wars fans.

There are still many interesting and good looking caps wore by celebrities. I will show you more celebrities caps next time! So stay tune to KAvenyou’s Swag Check Thursday!

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Photos Credits: Running Man, NBA, New Era, Marvels & Star Wars
Article by: Tommy @ KAvenyou

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