[HOT RECIPE] How to make your own Inkigayo sandwich

How the actual Inkigayo sandwiches look like

SBS’ weekly music show Inkigayo is a hot issue nowadays, not because of the program itself, but from Seungri’s recent expose about the infamous Inkigayo sandwich and how idols slip their numbers inside.

Prior to this, many idols have also raved about this sandwich from the Inkigayo cafeteria! This sandwich is very exclusive as the only chance you’ll get to taste the sandwich is if either you’re a staff member, or if you debut as an idol and attend an Inkigayo recording.

Jeong Sewoon & MXM
SNUPER’s Suhyun also revealed the recipe and even recreated it on VLive!

Let’s learn how to make the trending Inkigayo sandwich in your own kitchen! We will be following the recipe from this Korean blog.


Strawberry Jam
Boiled Potato
Boiled Egg
Crab Meat / Crab Sticks

Basically, you’ll have to prepare two sets of fillings for the sandwich: lettuce salad and potato & egg salad.

*Note that the recipe below makes 5 sandwiches (or 10 sandwiches, since 1 sandwich is sliced into two halves)


  1. Cabbage Salad
    • Prepare 1/4 cabbage, 1 cucumber, 1 apple (sliced) and mix well with mayonnaise
    • Tip: If you want the salad to taste like KFC coleslaw, put a little salt, pepper and sugar (or maybe you can just try adding the coleslaw inside if you’re lazy to prepare the cabbage salad :P)
    • Optional: Add corn for that extra flavour and crunch

  2. Potato & Egg Salad
    • Prepare 3 potatoes and 3 eggs (all boiled and smashed), 8 crab sticks (peeled) and mix well with mayonnaise
    • Add a little salt for seasoning

  3. Optional: Butter Toast
    • The original recipe uses just normal bread but if you prefer, you can try adding butter & toasting your bread

  4. Spread strawberry jam on a slice of bread

  5. Arrange your bread and fillings:

    • Step 1: Start with the bread with the strawberry jam and add another slice on top
    • Step 2: Take another slice of bread and spread the potato & egg salad on it
    • Step 3: Put the strawberry jam bread slices done in Step 1 on top of the slice in Step 2
    • Step 4: Spread the cabbage salad on top of the top slice
    • Step 5: Add another slice of bread on top and tadah, you’re done!
Photo credits: 아이엠하루

To keep to the true Inkigayo style, cut your sandwich into two triangle halves and cling wrap them. Of course, don’t forget to slip a paper with your phone number (or a love message) inside if you’re giving the sandwich to your crush! 😉

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