5 limited edition cherry blossom themed food to get in Korea!

With cherry blossom season just around the corner in Korea, many brands have also released their own variation of products for spring. Previously, we featured about sakura-flavoured food as well, but since that was back in 2015… we are back to feature the latest (and more photo op worthy) food for this year!


1) GS25 cherry blossom popcorn & cherry blossom drinks

With GS25 convenience stores located almost everywhere in Korea, you can easily lay your hands on these cherry blossom food products! The prices are relatively cheap as well: cherry blossom popcorn – 1200 won, cherry blossom sparkling drink – 1000 won, cherry blossom grape ade – 1000 won.


2) Ediya cherry blossom latte

Topped with raspberry white chocolate, Ediya Coffee’s cherry blossom latte can easily beat other cafes’ spring-themed drinks in terms of its visuals. However, those who have tried the drink described it to be closer to having a strawberry milk taste, so this is not something to go for if you’re looking for some proper coffee.


3) Paldo spring blossom bibimmyeon (spicy mixed noodles)

Although these packets of spicy mixed noodles do not have any cherry blossom flavour (I reckon it will taste weird), in place are tiny pink cherry blossom fishcakes to give you the feeling of spring while having your meal!

Alternatively, you can keep the packets of pink flower fishcakes and use them in your favourite ramyeon/soup as toppings instead!


4) Orion strawberry & yoghurt chocopie

Every year, Orion releases a special flavour of chocopie in time for spring. In 2017, it introduced strawberry chocopie and for this year, it decided to turn up the notch by unveiling a combination of 2 flavours into the classic snack – strawberry & yoghurt chocopie for the spring season.


5) Haitai honey butter chip – cherry blossom

The once very much hyped about honey butter chip has also jumped on the bandwagon and introduced a special edition cherry blossom flavour. The packaging looks really pretty, but how will the taste be like? There are mixed reviews for this… so why not try it for yourself instead?


If you’re travelling to Korea soon, these items will definitely be a good souvenir for friends, or something interesting on your to-try list. Do let us know if there are other food items that should go on this list too!

Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou.com

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