PENTAGON unleashes their colours for Universes in Singapore

Arguably one of South Korea’s most popular acts, PENTAGON has returned to Singapore with their first full concert 2019 PENTAGON WORLD TOUR “PRISM”, spanning over 20 shows in 23 cities worldwide. 

Marking their third time here in Singapore, the 9-member band was previously in town for the inaugural HallyuPopFest 2019. While they had a 25-minute set which definitely thrilled their Universes, it left them wanting for PENTAGON’s very own concert! This time unfortunately, Yan An was unable to attend due to medical reasons. As his cuts from the VCR appeared on screen, fans would go crazy. It was no doubt that his presence and popularity could still be felt. Despite that, PENTAGON proved that nothing could derail them from executing an amazing show for their Universes

Instantly filling the venue with excited screams, PENTAGON emerged on stage with “Sha La La”, “Gorilla” and “Runaway”. The concert immediately turned into a hyped party as the boys rallied their fans to stand up, showing both parties’ overflowing energy. 

Members showed their sincerity and effort as the boys greeted their fans in English, along with some Singlish throughout. Without a doubt, fans were enthusiastic because of their effort and cuteness while saying those words. The boys’ also shared what they’ve been up to in Singapore – eating chilli crab with Kino’s family, as well as their newfound interest in Singapore’s local drink Bandung (Rose syrup milk) thanks to Hongseok’s recommendation.

What is your inner colour?

With many prior experience of attending other concerts, the lighting and sound systems really swept us off our feet. The show kicked off with a VCR asking “What is your inner color?”. I believe, staying true to their message behind their “PRISM” tour, the production team paid much attention to their lighting. During their talk segments, the members explained the meaning behind “PRISM” – showing different colours to their Universes, the different sides of PENTAGON.

True enough, PENTAGON performed upbeat songs like “Humph!” and “Critical Beauty”, and thereafter emotional songs like “Beautiful” and “Till…”. 

PENTAGON says to spread your wings, spread your colours

Known for being able to showcase both their quirkiness and stoicism onstage, fans were taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions throughout the night. Furthermore, fans were treated with the boys’ never-ending fan-service, which was undeniably entertaining and hot. From various VCRs to hearing Jinho’s and Hui’s high notes, Hui was right to say “Today is a very special day in my life and yours too.”. Furthermore, Hongseok exposed his perfect body (Abs yes) twice and even gave away his shirt to a lucky fan. 

Furthermore, the special stage performances of Camila Cabello’s “Havana” (Performed by Jinho, Yeo One, Hong Seok and Kino) and Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” (Performed by Hui, Wooseok, Yuto and Shinwon) fuelled their fans’ further. 

This night had a power-packed setlist which showcased the boys’ all-rounder abilities and their down-to-earth fun personalities. The boys thanked their Universes who partied along with them and promised to be back in Singapore soon, even if it’s for a holiday. 

We would like to thank CK Star Entertainment Singapore for the media invite to the concert.

Photo: CK Star Entertainment

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