PENTAGON Displays Strong Bond at “LOVE or TAKE” Online Media Showcase

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5 months since their last comeback with “WE:TH”, PENTAGON has returned to capture UNIVERSE’s hearts with their 11th mini album “LOVE or TAKE” with a series of cheerful and heart-fluttering visuals. KAvenyou attended the online media showcase for “LOVE or TAKE” prior to the album release on 15 March 2021, and also watched the music video for title track ‘DO or NOT’ ahead of its release, as well as the stage performances for ‘DO or NOT’ and ‘Baby I Love You’.

On PENTAGON Members’ Individual Schedules

In the past 5 months, besides with preparing for their album, the PENTAGON members have been busy with various schedules. So how was it like for everyone?

Hongseok: “Hoots~ that’s a very cool question (hahaha)” This phrase that I’ve been repeating throughout the entire showcase is actually my first line as ‘Shin Ah Jun’ in ‘Phoenix 2020’, a drama I am currently starring in, which seems to be the most impactful and most favourite line of all that the members and UNIVERSE found. I hope the media and reporters will come to like it too.

Yeo One: Recently I’ve been portraying a character who is a producer for a web drama called ‘Nickname Pine Leaf’. Things were very lively and enjoyable while we were filming. And of course being able to film together with Wooseokie, who is like family, made me more relaxed – break times were not boring, and it has been a very enjoyable experience.

Wooseok: To be honest I am not greedy to act, but I did it for UNIVERSE. I filmed for 2 web dramas, ‘Nickname Pine Leaf’ and ‘Convenience Store Fling’. It wasn’t easy, but it was a new found and fun experience. I learnt a lot.

Yan An: It was my first acting experience and I have been filming in China. I think it was a really good and fun experience. I was surrounded by many nice seniors and they took really good care of me. From what I know, it will be coming out early next month. Please do look forward to ‘我亲爱的小洁癖 Use for My Talent’.

Meanwhile, Shinwon and Kino are involved in radio gigs, and they talked about using that as an good alternative platform to communicate with fans.

Shinwon: We are featured every Saturday on KBS Cool FM DAY6 Kiss The Radio as fixed guests. DAY6 Young K sunbaenim leads us very well. We talked about music and more, and he made it feel like we were just chatting casually, so it has been relaxing and fun.

Kino: There aren’t many opportunities to be able to interact with our fans when it is not our promotional period. Thus we are very thankful to be a fixed guest and have our voices featured every week. To be able to share and discuss with our fans what kind of music we like every week is very fun and an enjoyable time spent.

Kino was also asked by the emcee regarding him joining as a host for Dive Studio’s new podcast.

Kino: ‘Unboxing’ is a new podcast with Dive Studios, with the hosts me and Astro JinJin sunbaenim. We are currently still in the midst of recording. However, the first episode will be released on 17 March, and you will be able to listen to it every Wednesday at 9AM KST on Spotify and Apple podcast. It’s similar to Kiss The Radio where we talk about music, but slightly different like we reveal our taste in music, share various genre music, introduce K-Pop and so on.

On Hui’s & Jinho’s Enlistment & Their Teamwork

One main difference with this “LOVE or TAKE” comeback as compared to PENTAGON’s previous “WE:TH” comeback is that the group leader, Hui, has enlisted to fulfil his mandatory military service, joining Jinho who has already enlisted earlier. With Hongseok being the next oldest in line, what kind of changes were there in the team after both members’ absence?

Hongseok: To be honest, both of them are like the pillars of the group, and we tend to rely on them a lot. We definitely felt like something was missing, but this actually made us open up to each other once again. We trust each other, have an even stronger bond, and together we are very excited for this comeback.

Wooseok: To be honest, I feel awkward. I am still not used to Hui hyung not being around. But I will work hard promoting for this comeback while trying to adjust.

Shinwon: With the absence of our oldest hyung and leader, I think this has motivated us even more. We will work as hard like 1.5 worth of a person. 

Kino: Our average height of the group has actually increased (laughs). As much as how our average height has increased, we will show how much we have grown, in terms of our skills, and as an artiste as well.

Yeo One: I hope to the many people who love us and worry for us, are able to watch us thinking, “ahh, there is no need to worry, they are doing great!” We hope our hyungs would be proud while watching over us and we will work hard for this comeback as well.

Yuto: I always have certain regrets after our promotions, but I shall work hard and not leave any this time, and stay safe and not get hurt too.

Yan An: Though Hui hyung & Jinho hyung is unable to be with us now, we will work hard to make up for both their empty spots by filling the stage to the fullest. Do look forward and support us.

The PENTAGON members also touched on moments when they felt Hui’s and Jinho’s absence, and how did they approach it,

Shinwon: The moments we could really feel their absence were during album preparation meetings and dance choreography practices, where blockings used to feel very crowded. Many times it feels like someone is missing, as there are only 7 of us now, it feels rather empty. Though it feels like we lost our source of reliance, we will not be weak. While waiting for our oldest hyung and leader’s return, we got ourselves team rings to strengthen our bonds.

Behind the Scenes of “DO or NOT” Music Video Filming

The members also revealed some interesting stories while filming the music video for “DO or NOT”, some which made the cut into the final product, and some of which that didn’t.

Yan An: If you look closely, I was actually playing very hard on the piano behind during Hui hyung’s band part.

Shinwon: There was supposed to be a card spitting magic trick scene where I learnt from a magician for about 20 minutes. But unfortunately, the whole scene got edited out. I think I got greedy for trying to succeed in learning this trick that I forgot to pay attention on how unphotogenic it might appear on camera, which I think could be the reason why the director omitted it out from the music video.

Yuto: There is a curling scene I did with Wooseok, where it looked like we were surrounded with snow, but the white substance around us wasn’t snow, it was salt. I tried a bit of it, and it really was salt haha!

“LOVE or TAKE” Album Preparations

For the “LOVE or TAKE” album, it took about 2 months of hard work, brainstorming and reduced sleep hours to produce the title song, as well as the B-side tracks. Although the members were at their utmost point of exhaustion, Shinwon, Kino, Hui and Wooseok gathered in the studio and started doing a cypher using different beats, which was actually quite stress relieving.

For the title track ‘DO or NOT’, it was revealed that the whistling part which can be heard at the starting of the song was actually done by Wooseok.

Yanan: I think the bright and refreshing concept of ‘DO or NOT’ is perfect for us. We should be able to show everyone each of our charms through our performances. I would give it 110 out of 100, since this is our 11th mini album.

As for Hui’s solo track, ‘Boy In Time’, fellow member Yuto described the song as missing the times that have passed, and that it is a present for UNIVERSE. He also added that he feels like crying when he listens to the song.

PENTAGON’s Motivation & Goals

For Kino, to describe PENTAGON’s music in a single word, it will be challenging to do so since PENTAGON makes very diverse music, concepts, and lyrics. But if he was to talk about what “PENTAGON-style music” is, it would be that the strength of their music is being able to feel the scent of their efforts from their music.

Our aim is to make people think, “This is definitely the kind of music only PENTAGON can do” when they pull out our music and listen to it again after a long time has passed from now. We will keep giving our best until we achieve it. Our driving force certainly is UNIVERSE.

– Kino

With PENTAGON’s fifth debut anniversary coming up in October, the group’s goal is to keep moving forward gently, slow and steady, without losing energy – until time makes a fifth anniversary feel like nothing.

Check out more official photos from the online media showcase on KAvenyou’s Facebook: PENTAGON [LOVE or TAKE] Online Media Showcase

“LOVE or TAKE” is out now. Listen to PENTAGON’s latest mini album here:

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Watch the music video for “DO or NOT” below:

Article by: Zhen Zhen
Translation by: Leslyn

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