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K-pop has been a global phenomenal in the last decade. Apart from showing our favourite idols support from album purchases, it has also been a trend to collect products endorsed by the idols. Celebrity power in marketing is strong, and almost every major brand engages top idols to boost products sales. We cannot deny how some of these products and collaterals were pretty decent and definitely worth collecting for the fans.

Our friends over at Trazy has heard the pleas from fans, and launched a k-pop proxy shopping service – Trazy Proxy Shopping, which will make it that much simpler for fans not based in Korea to get their hands on these exquisite products. This is especially important where we live in a world plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic, and flying being almost impossible.

So how much of a fan are you? How much do you know about these collaborations?


BTS is undoubtedly the world’s hottest K-Pop boy group right now. Therefore, the amount of collaboration involving BTS can be said to be on the brink of ridiculousness (not in a bad way). You will probably see signs of BTS anywhere you go in Korea, and their faces plastered on all kinds of brands and products.

FILA is a sports brand and BTS are global brand ambassadors for FILA. FILA Korea launched the ‘Voyager Collection’ in March, a special-edition represented by BTS. It was inspired by space and constellation, and personally, it reminds of ‘Mikrokosmos’, one of BTS songs.

BTS x Lemona

Lemona is a famous Korean Vitamin C brand loved by Koreans of all ages. BTS edition Lemona, sold in heart-shaped cans, are especially popular! There are sweet lemony powder packs inside the cans that will fulfill your day’s supply of Vitamin C.

BTS x Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 BTS Edition will be launched on July 9th, 2020! It is in a translucent purple color, which is BTS trademark color, just like V saying “I purple you” to ARMYs. Apart from the phone, there are also the Galaxy Buds+ to go along and they look equally gorgeous.

If you are planning to change your phone and a pair of earbuds to go along, keep an eye on this one!


Do we need to say more about this? Even if you are not a fan of BTS, you will probably be exposed to these characters while using the LINE messaging application. LINE has collaborated with BTS, having each member design their own character representing themselves. These series of BTS inspired characters are called BT21 and they became an instant hit.

For example, MONOPOLY, a stationery brand, actively collaborates with BT21. Popular items include BT21 Lettering Eco Bag, BT21 Baby Leather Sticker, BT21 Baby Pouch Mirror, and many more. See more MONOPOLY X BT21 collaboration items here!

TN (True Nature) is a Korean skincare brand that focuses on skin calming. They launched cute BT21 collaboration skincare products, such as AC Control Toner, Lotion Miniature Set, AC Control Daily Clearing Toner, Sheet Masks, and more. Take daily care of your skin with special BT21 X True Nature skincare products!

Red Velvet x Good Luck Trolls

Red Velvet is a K-pop girl band from SM Entertainment, one of the largest K-pop entertainment companies. Red Velvet had a collaboration with Good Luck Trolls and launched many collaboration items with various brands! SPAO Friends collaborated with Red Velvet Good Luck Trolls and released various kinds of goods, such as sticker pack, canvas bag, compact mirror, clear pouch, and more! Even for non-fans of Red Velvet, you will want to get these cute items.

Converse had a special collaboration with Red Velvet Good Luck Trolls. They designed sneakers inspired by Red Velvet’s popular songs, Red Flavor, Zimzalabim, Dumb Dumb, Peek-A-Boo, and Ice Cream Cake. You can only get these at the Converse store in Hongdae!

Look at these adorable tin boxes! These are Korea Eundan‘s limited edition Vitamin C 1000 packaged in tin boxes of Red Velvet Good Luck Trolls. After finishing Vitamin C, you can use these tin boxes to store your accessories!


TWICE recently made their comeback with ‘MORE & MORE’. Kakao Friends collaborated with TWICE last October and their collaboration items were exhibited at Kakao Friends Flagship Store in Gangnam. TWICE edition items are still on sale and you can find the items here.

Kang Daniel x KAKAO Friends

Kang Daniel maintained his popularity as a solo artiste after Produce 101 and WANNA ONE, collaborated with Kakao Friends this February. They released a series of Apeach items named Apeach Kang Daniel Edition! You can find more items of Apeach Kang Daniel Edition here, and place your order with a k-pop proxy shopping service.

EXO x Nature Republic

EXO was featured on Nature Republic last year. One of the most popular items being the EXO Edition Water Tint. There was three colors (#1 Ver Berry, #2 Picnic Peach, and #Oh! Orange). Each tinted lipstick has an autograph of each member. #1 Very Berry has autographs of Baekhyun, Kai, or Sehun. #2 Picnic Peach has autographs of DO, Chanyeol, or Chen. #3 Oh! Orange has autographs of Suho or Xiumin.

NCT 127 x Nature Republic

This year, NCT 127 took over from their senior label mates EXO to be the face of Nature Republic. One of the skincare products they were featured on was the Hyalon Active 10 Blue Capsule Serum. This is an absolute serum for skin moisturizing. Its blue color matches so well with NCT 127’s Taeyong!

What are your Must-Get K-pop Goods & Merchandises?

If you found your favorite K-pop artiste’s collaboration goods & merchandise, order them through Trazy Proxy Shopping! International shipping is available for this proxy shopping service for k-pop fans. Nothing in mind, check out what’s on offer here.

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