Movie: SADAKO VS KAYAKO 贞子 VS 伽椰子, Opens 23 June 2016!

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On April’s Fool Day 2015, the official Japanese website for JU-ON: THE FINAL CURSE ran an announcement on the impending release of a crossover horror film—SADAKO VS KAYAKO. The news went viral instantly, and stimulated much discussion amongst fans over who would win and why. Both RING and JU-ON are symbolic Japanese horror films, and their influence has expanded since their respective Hollywood remakes. The immense excitement and anticipation for the ultimate showdown between Sadako of RING and Kayako of JU-ON led to its eventual making by the original producers, Kadokawa and NBCUniversal; also proving the iconic status of these two evil spirits in horror film history. The million dollar question: who will win?


In this epic crossover, a university student Yuri Kurahashi (Mizuki Yamamoto山本美月) and her friend chance upon the cursed videotape, and both are doomed to die within two days under Sadako’s curse; meanwhile, a high school girl Suzuka Takagi (Tina Tamashiro玉城Tina) feels inexplicably drawn towards the Saeki house and thus steps into the bounds of Kayako’s curse. The two girls later meet through a medium Keizo Tokiwa (Masanobu Ando安藤政信), who has a crazy plan to expunge both curses by pitting the two evil spirits against each other.

SADAKO VS KAYAKO 贞子 VS 伽椰子, Opens 23 June 2016!

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